Into the Woods, the Musical Concert Review Assignm

Into the Woods, the Musical Concert Review Assignment

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Into the Woods, the Musical Concert Review Assignment


This is a concert review paper. I will provide a question sheet which might help you to write the paper. The detail will be in the attachment.
The concert was took placed in UB center for arts in our school. 
this is a musical, there are many actors on the stage but I want you more focus on the band under the stage. The music they were played. Just find a video on the youtube and watch it.
If you have any question email me.


Concert Review: In the Woods Name: Instructor: Date: Concert Review: In the Woods The UB Center hall was not full. It is one of the biggest theaters the school built and can rarely be full. However, the first floor was fully occupied with other people spilling to the first balcony. Drama and music were entertaining as people waited for the performers. Real actors would bring into stage what the people have seen on television screens and heard on radios. As I walked in, I noticed the audience carrying books, having a collection of songs from the book, Into the Woods. Interest was to watch action into musical lyrics. Curiosity had driven most people because it was a new type of performance they were to experience for the first time. Unlike other concerts, most people are settl

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