Identify a hotel in your region, or one from anoth

Identify a hotel in your region, or one from another region that you know well and about which you have ready access to information.

The primary theme of the paper is Identify a hotel in your region, or one from another region that you know well and about which you have ready access to information. in which you are required to emphasize its aspects in detail. The cost of the paper starts from $99 and it has been purchased and rated 4.9 points on the scale of 5 points by the students. To gain deeper insights into the paper and achieve fresh information, kindly contact our support.

Strategic Hotel Management MBA


Strategic Hotel Management Assignment; (In Report format - see attached important notes for writer).

Identify a hotel in your region, or one from another region that you know well and about which you have ready access to information.

Write a report which includes the following:

• Explain what you believe will be the most significant opportunities and threats facing your chosen hotel in the coming year. Make a list of the opportunities and threats and justify why you believe they are important.

• Analyse the likely impact of these opportunities and threats on the day-to-day management of hotel practices of your chosen hotel. You could discuss the impact on:

- Organisation

- General management

- Operations

- Food & beverage

- Marketing

- Finance

- Human resource management

• Based on your analysis above, identify priorities for the hotel operator in the coming year. When justifying this list of priority issues, you should keep in mind their potential cost and revenue impact.

Note that in your report’s introduction, you should provide a brief but clear overview of the hotel you have chosen including its location, size, source of customers, reputation for quality, and so on. If you want to include more than a brief overview, then put the extra material in an appendix.

Your report should demonstrate you have researched the issues appropriately and discussion should be supported by relevant references.

Subject Overview 

Prescribed Textbook;

Rutherford, DG 2011, Hotel Management and Operations, 5th edn, Washington State University, John Wiley & Sons, USA ; (ISBN: 9780470177143)

Subject Content

1. Overview

 Reading 1.2: The hotel development process

 Reading 1.3: The art and science of opening a hotel

 Reading 1.4: Online pricing

 Reading 1.5: Face recognition and name recall

 Reading 1.6: Spas and the lodging industry

 Reading 1.7: Resort spas and hotel revenue

2. Organisation

 Reading 2.2: Organizational design

 Reading 2.3: Hotel organization structure

3. General Managers: A View at the Top

 Reading 3.2: The hotel manager’s job—a conceptual framework

 Reading 3.3: Grooming future hospitality leaders: a competency model

 Reading 3.4: What I do (as a manager)

 Reading 3.5: A day in the life of the Hilton hotel manager

 Reading 3.6: A day in the general manager’s life

4. Operations: Rooms

 Reading 4.2: The job of the front office manager

 Reading 4.3: A day in the life of the front office manager

 Reading 4.4: Yield management

 Reading 4.6: Management of the front office

5. Operations: Housekeeping and Engineering

 Reading 5.3: Housekeeping organizations

 Reading 5.4: Being an executive housekeeper

 Reading 5.5: The hotel engineering function

 Reading 5.6: The engineering department and financial information

 Reading 5.7: The legal environment of lodging operations

 Reading 5.8: Civil liberty, environmental design and risk

6. Food and Beverage Division

 Reading 6.2: Managing food and beverage operations

 Reading 6.4: Best practice in food and beverage management

7. Marketing and Associated Activities

 Reading 7.2: Marketing as process

 Reading 7.4: Hotel pricing

 Reading 7.5: The regional revenue manager

 Reading 7.6: Hotel sales organization and operations

 Reading 7.7: Public relations at Seattle Sheraton hotel and Towers

8. Financial Control and Information Management

 Reading 8.2: The lodging chief financial executive

 Reading 8.3: Budgeting and forecasting—current practice

 Reading 8.4: The hotel controller

9. Human Resources Policy Management

 Reading 9.2: Knowledge, skills and abilities for lodging management success

 Reading 9.3: Causes and consequences of turnover

 Reading 9.5: The strategic and operational roles of human resources


Strategic Hotel Management Student: Professor: Course title: Date: Strategic Hotel Management Executive Summary The selected hotel for this report is Hilton Baltimore Hotel, a five-star hotel situated in the City of Baltimore, Maryland. Customers to this hotel largely include government employees, families, tourists, as well as business travelers. In the coming year, the most important threats for Hilton Baltimore Hotel include the following many strong competitors; changes in the preferences and tastes of customers; substitute products; threat of new entrants into Baltimore’s hospitality industry; and low economic growth of Maryland State. The most significant opportunities include offering new services; adopting new technology by enhancing online activities to better serve customers and cut costs; and to embrace innovative customer service using smartphone application. The priorities for the coming year are (i) adopt new technologies and launch the use of smartphone; (ii) expand product offering; and (iii) offer new unique services. It is recommended that the management of Hilton Baltimore Hotel should execute each of the 3 priorities sequentially. Table of Contents  TOC o "1-3" h z u  HYPERLINK l "_Toc414387035" Strategic Hotel Management  PAGEREF _Toc414387035 h 2  HYPERLINK l "_Toc414387036" Executive Summary  PAGEREF _Toc414387036 h 2  HYPERLINK l "_Toc414387037" 1.0 Introductio...

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