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Each movie has to be 1.5 pages ach The two movies areParadise now (2005) and Ghandi (1982), The two movies don`t need to connect at all. There separate. They should have a summary on each movie and personal reactions to them in the beginning of each essay. My teacher gave us prompts to write the essay but you dont have to use all of them in each. The prompts are listed below: 1. Maxim Gorky described the world of movies as the " Kingdom Of Shadows" Andrew sarris thinks of it as an " Illuminated darkness" how would you characterize it? what has your experience been with movies in the theatre or at home? Write an autobiographical entry in your journal describing with as much detail as possible your feelings about movies , what they mean and do to you and how they have shaped your thinking about your world and your sense of the present and future. Give examples. 2. What are the strengths and weaknesses each of the movies we have screened this semester? In the choice and treatment of its subject matter how does it reflect our culture and times? Would you recommend it to to others?Why? Were you captivated by anything in particular in the movie ? Write a memorable scene or episode and explain why it stays with you. What is its role and position in the movie as a whole? Are there any aspects of the movie you`d have done differently? explain? 3. Compare the similar themes in the two movies as well as Battle Of Algier and Gods of Men
Name Instructor`s name Institution Course Date Paradise Now The film “Paradise Now,” is a film which was produced in the year 1982, and has been directed by Hany Abu- Assad. He was born in 1961, in Nazareth, Israel. He then moved to the Netherlands for his studies in aerodynamics. He later ventured into the world of film production, and in the year 1990 formed his own production company, called Ayloul film productions. He has produced and directed several films, including “Paper House,” which he directed, curfew, which he produced, and “The Fourteenth Chick,” which he also directed. He has also produced documentaries, such as “Long Days in Gaza,” in 1991, among others. “Paradise Now,” debuted in 1982, and stars Kais Nashef as Said, and Ali Suliman as Khaled. Said and Khaled are friends, but have, unknown to their friends and family, committed to a suicide mission in Israel. While working at the car repair shop, they receive instructions that it was time for them to execute their mission. They shave, are dressed in suits and take their last supper, before leaving for their mission. The audience is exposed to one of the factors that drive individuals to commit to suicidal missions; desperation. This is evident when Khaled says, “I am already dead,” referring to the life they have been liv...
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