how much you write for each source.

how much you write for each source.

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Morphological and/or Syntactic Development


"For the topic you choose with a statement about your topic. For example, you might choose “Morphological and/or syntactic development” and say, “I plan to look at the acquisition of relative clauses in English.”" -As for the page length, I would expect the AB would be around 2-3 pages. It really depends how much you write for each source. You want to give a short summary of the article and also say how it relates to your paper. That means my topic must be specific. It is a AB for upper linguistic course,please focus on details of linguistics perspective.

Morphological and Syntactic DevelopmentName:Institution: Sentences, sounds, phrases and words are the building blocks of any language. Within every language are a set of res that guide it and its users. For instance the sound combinations rules and the sounds systems are governed by the phonology of that specific language. Morphology with the reference to the words is basically the construction of these words and the structure they assume. When develops the morphological skills in the English language they are able to understand and articulates the structure of the words, from their root relative to the written and the spoken forms. This therefore, means they would have to develop the syntax skills, so as to understand the way the different words within any given sentence relate with one another to give meaning and uphold the grammatical rules. Children’s Speech and Language Services. (2013). Morphology and Syntax. Retrieved from article deliberates on the relationship between the morphological and syntactical skills. While morphology relates to the structures of the words, syntax relates to the combinations of the words and the phrases in a manner that makes logical sense and is in line with the grammatical rules. In relation to the subject, the source discuses the various aspects of children developing their morphological and syntactical skills. Deficit of these skills may force the child to limit their words, use the wrong words. The children that have poor motor skills also have the tendency to have difficulties selecting the right words to use and the order in which they follow. The source details how the children with the motor speech difficulties can be identified and then explains how the skills should develop in a normal scenario.Budzienski, J. (2013). Syntactic Development in Children. Retrieved from article discuses the guiding principles that were developed at Havard University by one of the professors of social psychology. Today it is commonly known as the brown’s stages of morphological and syntactical development. The idea developed around using morphemes as the unit of measure. This is used to track the ability of the children developing language acquisition skills. Brown’s concept is developed around six stages through which the child has to go through as they grow older.The source is relevant to the subject addressed by the paper as it relates to the morphological and syntactical developments skills in children, from the time they produce their first syllable to the time they can be in a position to come up with a coherent sentence according to the grammatical rules of the language.Hermes, A. (2011). Syntactic Development in Children. Retrieved from Amanda, in this article discuses the various stages of sy...
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