How did you come up with that number?

How did you come up with that number?

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The intervention of the Glucose Buddy application


Your cost benefit analysis shows that the intervention of the Glucose Buddy application to assist type 2 diabetics with managing their disease shows a significant savings in health care costs. In the benefits section of your analysis you state that a diagnosed patient who uses the Glucose Buddy application will save $1000 yearly. How did you come up with that number? You also stated that the government will save on expenditure by $500 yearly per patient. How did you calculate that number? I could not find an explanation of this in the discussion or the analysis.

How did you decide on a sample size of 10 Hispanic women with type 2 diabetes. Do you think you will have sufficient outcome data with such a small sample size?


Under benefits it would be important to capture the cost savings of the prevention of potential long term complications associated with type 2 diabetes such as hemodialysis, foot ulcers, retinopathy, stroke, MI, neuropathy. Have you considered this? Your intervention may also show indirect benefits with better diabetes management with less office visits, less lab testing, less complications requiring specialist, less medication etc. This information would add compelling dollar amounts to your total benefit. Do you intend to obtain patient satisfaction scores? If so how will this be done and will there be a cost? Your project is important with the increase in chronic disease occurring in the United States.



Respond Name Institution Date According to the American Association of Diabetes report of the year 2014, the average expenses incurred in healthcare by an individual diagnosed by diabetes type 2 is estimated at $13700 out of which $7900 is attributed to the management of diabetes. Other related reports, by the American Association of Diabetes, also reveals that the average yearly expense incurred by the government to

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