Evaluating Sources: Trump`s New Immigration Policy

Evaluating Sources: Trump`s New Immigration Policy

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Evaluating Sources: Trump`s New Immigration Policy


There are the three sources i use for my essay. My essay topic is Trump`s new immigration policy.

The First source talks about the introduction and definition of immigration. And a little bit about US immigration history background. I plan to put this source in the first paragraph of my essay. To introduce immigration.

The second source is Trump`s immigration policy. I want to cite it in the third paragraph because third paragraph will be the policy itself and my view of the policy.

The third source is about the immigration background from 1890s-1920s. I want to put it in the second paragraph. That paragraph introduces Trump. His grandfather immigrated to the US in that period of time from Germany.


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Trump`s New Immigration Policy


Part One

Embry, Jessie L., and Brian Q. Cannon. Immigrants in the Far Wes: Historical Identities and Experiences. Utah: University of Utah Press, 2015.

Part Two

Both Embry and Cannon are professors and directors at institutions of higher learning. The authors have organized their work into different sections and in a professional manner. They have edited numerous publications on American history.

Part Three

The source was published in 2015 making it a current source for this topic. The material was intended for the general audience since it addresses immigration, immigration laws, and immigration studies. The book addresses in-depth and comprehensive information on immigration. It introduces the issue of immigration, implying that uniformed individuals can relate well and understand the topic. The information is well-researc

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