Dragons Den / Shark Tank Response Assignment Paper

Dragons Den / Shark Tank Response Assignment Paper

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Dragons Den / Shark Tank Response Assignment Paper


Due date, 2nd half of the semester

The TV shows listed above reflect what happens to Entrepreneurs /Marketers who want to make a success of their idea/product/service.

Watch one show and answer the following questions.

Date and time.

Choose one product/service being presented

How much money where they asking for, and for what % of their business.

Was the product/service protected, patented or registered.

Did the Dragons invest in the entrepreneurs idea, or did they renegotiate the deal with the entrepreneur/s, if so, what did they offer?
In your opinion, was it a good idea, explain why.

Citations/bibliography would strengthen the report.

The report must be word processed, and is worth 5 marks.





Date due:

Dragon`s Den

The Power Dent Pulse Denture Brush was an invention by dentists John Miller, Jim Harrison and Ali Khonsari from Collingwood, Ontario and presented to five Dragons on March 2011. The product was born out of their assessment of the

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