Do you need a Biography or an Autobiography?

Do you need a Biography or an Autobiography?

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Biography for a citizen and resident in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia


Hi, Please write a biography for me from the attached resume. Hi. There`s something I would like to clarify with you. If you need a biography, it will be written in third person pronoun.....someone reading it will automatically know that another person wrote it for you. If you want it to appear as if you wrote it yourself, then you need an autobiography, in which case I`ll use first person pronoun. So let`s be clear to avoid misunderstandings later: Do you need a Biography or an Autobiography? Regards.


Creative and goal-oriented Chief Finance Officer has over 20 years of solid experience in the finance industry, 15+ years of which have been in Investment, Retail and Corporate Banking. Flexible and determined initiator specializes in compliance, MIS (Management Information Systems) and in developing programs to detect unusual transactions as per the group policies and regulations. Passed technical exams (CPA, CMA, CIA, CISA) under work pressure and without any negative impact on meeting deadlines. Accomplished and exacting professional has a demonstrated record in audit, risk management, IT security and finance, a recognized expert in this field. Exhibits the keen ability to plan and organize the finance department of an organization; fully equipped with strong double entry and general ledger knowledge using different accounting software and capable of implement new accounting system.

Maintains an excellent understanding of IFRS & US GAAP; able to work within ethical framework and due diligence; extensive background in collaborating technical skills with financial abilities. Highly focused and results-oriented in supporting complex deadline-driven operations; possesses excellent product knowledge coupled with hands on P&L attribution and reporting, facilitating an in-depth knowledge of Risk & P&L recognition, and Balance Sheet substantiation. Developed an exceptional understanding of front and back office systems, booking methodology, instrument setup and market data requirements; accustomed to working with CMA prudential reports and withholding tax regulation. Able to liaise between top-level management officials and internal and external auditors and regulators; thrives in demanding work environments that challenge innate abilities in leadership, communication and management.

*    Expert in Audit, Risk Management & IT Security * Skillful Initiator & Manager

*    Exposure to IFRS & US GAAP    * Exceptional Customer Service Abilities

*    Internationally Certified Finance Professional * Detail-Oriented/ Creative Problem Solver

Professional Experience

Wael H. Al-RasheedAn AutobiographyInstitutionSubjectDateWael H. Al-Rasheed AutobiographyMy name is Wael H. Al-Rasheed, a citizen and resident in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. For more than twenty years, Ive been an active professional in the finance industry, fifteen of which I have worked in the investment, retail banking, and corporate banking sectors. This is the short story of my professional career in the banking industry.My professional journey began in the early 1990s, when I worked for Arthur Anderson as a semi senior auditor. From 1991 to 1994, I worked with Arthur Anderson, a Chicago-based holding and accounting firm, in the capacity of a semi senior auditor. At the time, Arthur Anderson was one of the big five accounting firms that included PricewaterhouseCoopers, Ernst & Young, Deloitte Touch Tohmatsu, and KPMG. My working experience at the Arthur Anderson exposed me to internal corporate practices in the areas of investment, retail banking and credit management. Between 1994 and 1996 I was the internal auditor at Banque Saudi Fransi, retail, corporate and investment bank. Banque Saudi Fransi a Saudi Arabia Joint Stock Company affiliated to Calyon of France, which is ranked among the world`s top leading banks in terms of total equity. BSF was established by a Royal Decree in 1977, and is a full commercial bank offering local and international banking services. My work at the company allowed me to gain knowledge of banking financial services and products in the global markets.Saudi Holland Bank was my next place of work where I was the Senior Internal Auditor from 1996 to 1997. My experience at SHB was an opportune moment for me to master the dynamics of personal, business, and corporate banking.However, it was not until 1998, working in the capacity of Senior Finance Manager at Riyad Bank`s Finance Division in Riyadh that I immersed myself fully in corporate financial activities. As the Senior Finance Manager, I was responsible for developing and sustaining the bank`s internal financial control measures and policies that helped to streamline the bank`s internal operations. My responsibilities included designing the mechanisms and formulating policies for improving internal efficiency, such as implementation of reporting deadlines and accurate preparation and filing of financial reports as required by the bank`s articles of association, governance policies and regulatory authorities. I also created and developed the bank`s Finance-Management Information Systems (MIS) for reporting the company`s profitability. This innovation facilitated effective and efficient reporting of audited financial statements. In addition, the implementation of MIS reporting and control processes facilitated the observation of all business and regulatory requirements. Similarly, in collaboration with the bank`s Compliance Department, my division developed procedures of preparing specialized reports that ensured the company adhered to the relevant laws, int...
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