Do the video games effect people in good way or th

Do the video games effect people in good way or the bad way, or both.

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Do the video games effect people in good way or the bad way, or both.


Studies by individuals such as Daphne have shown playing a game has a significant impact towards an individual’s ability to make decisions. Greenfield (61) has also added that depending on the game, it is likely that an individual may have a positive influence or a negative influence. The modern games are a simulation of different scenarios in human life which individual hope to embody in the fictional world. Unfortunately, when the real encounters in the real world occurs, a gamer may be tempted to rely on the actions from the game, and such actions may be detrimental (Daphne, NA). Personally, I am of the view that despite the negative impacts that games may have on people especially on teenagers due to their inability to rationalize consequences, they also play a role in influencing the ability of individuals to be creative and improving their ability to make choices. I also believe games play an important role in aiding individuals to find the right patterns that would correlate to aspects such as multi-tasking in driving scenarios.

According to Daphne, under the negative side of the effect is the fact that the act of playing a game to a teenager who does not have the ability to synthesize consequences leads them to do or learn some aspects of the game, which will seem to be appealing or cool. For example, playing a game such as the Grand Auto theft where an individual may turn to violence may influence an individual to begin acting in the same manner especially if some of the aspects that appear on the game recur in their life. Although the incidences may not occur in a greater impact or they may be few, the impact of such actions that can occur may have catastrophic leading to death. The gamer, may not be aware of the problem possibly until it is too late and they have to face the consequences (Greenfield 61).

Playing games has also been associated with to a high level of self-esteem, which at times makes the gamers to feel they are better at what they do. According to Granic, Adam and Rutger (66), gamers tend to think they are very decisive and even when they make the wrong decisions they tend to feel the system was not fair. This means that acceptance of losing becomes a challenge since the game has taught them that they have to win and any form of losing affects their individuals’ capacity. This act could also explain why individuals may not trust the law or the officers due to the punishments they have to endure and they often opt for the wrong cause of action………………….

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