DMAIC Measure Phase

DMAIC Measure Phase

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Topic: DMAIC Measure Phase

Required Reading
Module 2 is about the Measure phase of the project. Some of the questions that need to be answered in this phase are:
• What are the key metrics for this business process?
• Are metrics valid and reliable?
• Do we have adequate data on this process?
• How will I measure progress?
• How will I measure ultimate success?
M – Measure Phase: Measure the process to determine current performance; quantify the problem.
• Define Defect, Opportunity, Unit and Metrics
• Detailed Process Map of Appropriate Areas
• Develop Data Collection Plan
• Validate the Measurement System
• Collect the Data
• Begin Developing Y=f(x) Relationship
• Determine Process Capability and Sigma Baseline • Process Flowchart
• Data Collection Plan/Example
• Benchmarking
• Measurement System Analysis/Gage R&R
• Voice of the Customer Gathering
• Process Sigma Calculation

iSix Sigma, Six Sigma DMAIC Reference
Measure Phase
Deliverables Of Phase:
Key measures identified, data collection planned and executed, process variation displayed and communicated, performance baselined, sigma level calculated.
Checkpoints For Completion:
Key Measures Identified
• Key measures identified and agreed upon.
• High impact defects defined and identified in the business process.
Data Collection Planned and Executed
• Solid data collection plan established that includes measurement systems analysis.
• Data collected on key measures that were identified.
Process Variation Displayed/Communicated
• Process variation components displayed/communicated using suitable charts, graphs, plots.
• Long term and short term variability accounted for.
Performance Baseline/Sigma Calculation
• Measure baseline process performance (capability, yield, sigma level).
Questions To Determine Appropriate Application:
Key Measures Identified
• What are the key input variables? What the key process variables? What are the key output variables?
• What key measures identified indicate the performance of the business process?
• What are the agreed upon definitions of the high impact characteristics (CTQs), defect(s), unit(s), and opportunities that will figure into the sigma calculations and process capability metrics?
Data Collection Planning and Execution
• Was a data collection plan established?
• What data was collected (past, present, future/ongoing)?
• Who participated in the data collection?
• How did the team select a sample?
• What has the team done to assure the stability and accuracy of the measurement process?
• Was a gauge R&R conducted?
• Was stratification needed in the data collection and analysis?
Process Variation Displayed/Communicated
• What charts has the team used to display the components of variation in the process?
• What does the chart tell us in terms of variation?
Performance Baseline/Sigma Calculation
• What is the current process performance in terms of it capability indices?
• What is the current process performance in terms of its yield or sigma level(s)?
• How large is the gap between current performance and the customer-specified (goal) performance?
• Have you found any ‘ground fruit’ or ‘low-hanging fruit’ for immediate remedies to the gap in performance?
• What particular quality tools did the team find helpful in getting through the measure phase?
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PART I Assignment
Submit a Problem Measurement Document which will demonstrate your ability to measure a problem situation using the Measure Phase of DMAIC. Do keep in mind that this is a continuous process from the previous paper, starting with the “DMAIC DEFINE PHASE” you did earlier. 81701524
READ THE REQUIRED READINGS ABOVE – Become familiar with the outline and contents of the Measurement Phase.
Assignment Expectations
• Differentiate the various relevant aspects of the situation and define the problem at the Blackbelt level using various tools of the Measure Phase.
• Organize the appropriate information into a coherent report.
o Use the Measurement Report Outline provided.
o Be sure to use Topic Headings that correspond to the major topics
• The report should contain all the necessary and sufficient aspects to completely measure the problem.
o Include copies of various Tools that were used
o Provide Discussion and explanation where appropriate and necessary
o Include sources of documentation
o Include examples of reports used to generate evidence and data

PART II Assignment
Submit a paper that reports your experience with this Phase (Measure) of DMAIC on your project. Do keep in mind that this is a continuous process from the previous paper, starting with the “DMAIC DEFINE PHASE” you did earlier.

Assignment Expectations
Each phase of your project may present specific issues and problems that you have to overcome to move ahead and complete the phase. So as you develop and complete this phase (Measure), take notes and be prepared to write a paper.
• Make notes of your experiences as you go.
• Evaluate your notes and your memory to determine the critical issues or problems you experienced in completing this Blackbelt task.
• Organize and summarize your thoughts in a paper and explain any complicated issues.
• Explain what you did to overcome these issues.
• The length of the paper should be 3 to 5 pages.

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