Digital culture and society

Digital culture and society

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Multiple Topics

Subject:Digital culture and society

Customer-Based Brand Equity and Improvement Strategy for Fast Food Brand in the UK

Topic: the role of national culture in workplace bullying:A comparison of Eastern and Western cultures.

Question:A study on social media marketing campaign:compare the the branding advertising of Samsung and APPLE

The Impact of Information Technology on Service Quality Management in the Hotel industry

Subject:Accounting and Finance



Corporate Culture: The relationship between corporate culture and the economic efficiency of enterprises and the influences. Case of Mengniu Dairy and APPLE

Subject:Business Management

Question:Barriers and opportunities for the development of Chinese female entrepreneurs

Topic: Developing an entry strategy for an e-Health start-up. Health and Wellness Smart Card System: a case study to validate the potential use of an individual Health Records Management on a worldwide scale

Topic: HUAWEI- a successful example outward FDI into Europe by an Emerging economy

Topic: Work life balance

Subject:Finance Management

Attention:MUST write these two Food producers companies

Topic: Shared Purpose & Shared Accountability in Healthcare

If creating a culture of shared purpose and shared accountability is truly important to the health care industry, why is it so difficult to do? Remember to provide research support for your opinions.

Strategy to Promote Development of the ChiGuan, Chinese Tourism Agency in Westminster, London

Topic: Culture of shared mission



What are the most critical steps a leader can take to create a culture of shared mission, vision, and core values in a health care organization? Why?

Topic: The world is flat? Stock market reactions to companies’ procurement outsourcing decisions

No introduction, No literature review, No conclusion. Just include the Hypotheses, Methodology and Discussion.

Topic: the role of national culture in workplace bullying:A comparison of Eastern and Western cultures.

Topic: Medieval Middle Eastern and comparative history from a sociological perspective

A comparative historical study on the importance of rituals from a sociological perspective.

The fields of expertise are Middle Eastern Studies and sociology

Topic: The True Viability of Wind Power in Scotland and Its Possible Implementation in Indonesia (Methodology)

Topic: Discuss the effect of conflict and dispute on the work of the project manager involved with commercial projects.

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