Did your attention getter work on gaining the int

Did your attention getter work on gaining the interest of your audience?

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Psycopathology Bussiness Effects

Speech 4 - Informative Speech INSTRUCTIONS Here are some other guidelines: • Your speech must be 5-7 minutes. There will be a 1-2 minute Q and A after your presentation. • You must cite 4-7 sources. All sources must be ten years old or less. At least two of your sources must be scholarly. You must verbally cite all of your sources during your presentation. • You must use a visual aid and it needs to benefit your presentation. You must have all pictures and video clips approved. If you use a video clip, it can only be a minute or less and I will stop the stopwatch while the clip is being shown. • You must use index cards when presenting your speech. Your key word outline needs to be on the index cards(optional for the writer). • You must hand in a formal, full sentence outline and works cited page using the current MLA format. • There are three rules you must abide by when choosing your topic: o You must consider yourself an “expert” on your topic. You will need to mention the personal or professional experience that you have had with your topic during the introduction section, right after or during the attention material in your presentation. o It must be something you think people need to know about, because there is a good chance they will encounter it during a “real life” situation. o It must be related to your major or your future career goals. These are some factors I am going to consider while you are conducting your speech in the front of the class (what you will be graded on): • Did your attention getter work on gaining the interest of your audience? • Did you mention what makes you knowledgeable about your subject during the introduction (establish personal credibility)? • Did you go over all the main points during the introduction? • Was the organization of your speech logical and easy to follow? • Did you use transitions? • Did you state all of your main points clearly? • Were all the main points fully supported? • Did you establish credibility and verbally cite all of your sources? • Did you use experts and cite them properly? • Did you use appropriate language? • Did you have a strong conclusion that included your main points and provided a sense of closure (impact)? • Did you present the speech extemporaneously? Did you appear confident and enthusiastic? • Did you use nonverbal communication effectively (gestures, eye contact, posture)? • Did you use your voice effectively (pronunciations, articulation, lack of vocal fillers)?
PSYCHOLOGY BUSINESS EFFECTSNameCourseLecturerDatePSYCHOLOGY BUSINESS EFFECTSInfiltration of organizational psychopaths: The enemy withinAs an organizational psychologist, I can confidently submit that organizational psychopaths are manifest in the management ranks of many businesses today. How can you identify them and how can you survive in such an environment. Consider this; Long before I became a specialist in this industry, I was once a team leader where I was tasked with coordinating a workshop that was going to run for a whole day together with a group of managers selected from all departments in the organization that I was working for. All was going well as far as the workshop was concerned, and as per my expectation, with everyone making their contribution. Immediately after the lunch break, my senior manager makes an impromptu arrival, which attracts everyone`s attention and announces his disapproval about the way the workshop was running – this he did in front of everyone, and then went ahead and issued an ultimatum that he was taking over from then on. This could have been a one off situation, but if it is one that got me ultimately publicly and indeed certainly privately humiliated and undermined. The picture I am trying to portray that I was indeed working in an environment that had organizational psychopath.The question therefore becomes: how do u endure and indeed carry through such a working environment?Psychopaths comprise of a paltry 1 percent of a population.It would not therefore be surprising that psychopaths find their way in organizations. This is reinforced by the work of American organizational psychologists Dr. Paul Babiak and Dr. Robert Hare who say that the high paced, hyper competitive and volatility nature of business environment today is a catalyst for psychopaths.Psychopathy can be described as an extent of character trait or temperament that is essentially antisocial or criminal. The core psychopathic traits are: lack of remorse, narcissism, lack of empathy, inability to accept responsibility, tendencies of being manipulative. (Babiac and Hare 2009)In the work environment, psychopaths are identified by their intelligence, charms, ability to change allegiance, aggression, creativity, ambition and energy. Ironically, many of these attributes are integral for an efficient leader. This therefore bolsters the ability of organizational psychopaths to be rooted and indeed thrive in the corporate world. (Babiak and Hare 2009) It is incumbent of organizations to be wary of organizational psychopaths and in retrospect the positive attributes that they wield as well as the retrogressive traits that they have.And as Gardiner Morse alluded while writing for the Harvard Business Review in 2004, organizational psychopaths are manipulative, untrustworthy, cunning, unethical, utterly remorseful and parasitic. They tend to be joy riders who will do anything to get their way. They in effect have a damaging and injurious effe...
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