Designing a Physical Network

Designing a Physical Network

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Designing a Physical Network

CI5210 Networking Concepts

CI5220 Networking and Operating Systems


An enterprise wishes to construct its own physical network to provide connectivity to its various users distributed around its geographically dispersed operation. Using the company specification given overleaf, design, draw and justify your design. Your answer should contain (i) a description of your interpretation of the workgroup and inter-connection requirements, (ii) diagram(s) illustrating your design, and (iii) an accompanying textual description of your diagrams and decisions.

Additional Requirements

-        Use the network component icons developed in the workshop exercises (or those below).

-        Use Visio or an equivalent drawing package to construct your diagrams showing the logical structure of your design.

-        Note that there is not necessarily a single correct answer. However, avoid clever answers (e.g. vLANs) unless you fully understand the technology and can adequately explain and justify your answer.

-        Marks will be deducted if it is not clear which components are connected to which other components.

-        If you feel any of the specification below is ambiguous or unclear, feel free to make any sensible assumptions – though remember to write down these assumptions in your report.

-        Avoid generating one large diagram. Break your design into stages, documenting each, and show how these are connected.

-        There are no specific length or word count requirements. However please note the marking criteria listed overleaf.

-        Complete the “Designing Physical Networks” workshop exercises before starting the coursework.

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