Demonstrate an in-depth conceptual understanding o

Demonstrate an in-depth conceptual understanding of decision making

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Learning Outcomes


On successful completion of this module the student will be expected to be able to:

Knowledge and understanding

  1. Demonstrate an in-depth conceptual understanding of decision making 
  2. Critically appraise a range of new or advanced areas of practice 
  3. Reflect on the impact of ethics and legal requirements on practice and the development and implementation of strategies and policies 
  4. Analyse and appraise quality assurance issues
  5. Demonstrate critical self-evaluation through reflecting on own and others performance in order to advance decision making skills 

Intellectual, practical, affective and transferable skills

6.Critically evaluate and challenge accepted practice and suggest and  implement alternatives 

  1. Learning Outcome 1. The act of decision making is informed by a number of organisational and professionally orientated factors. Decisional making models which serve as concepts between art and science are explored in relation to organisational application.
  1. Learning Outcome 2. An understanding of organisational and professional cultures is an essential aspect of this module. The module will offer a critique of the varied cultural manifestations of organisational decision making towards the development of new or advanced areas of practice.
    1. Learning Outcome 3. The high challenges confronting health and social care organisations require practitioners to master the complex nature of strategic methodologies which are local, national and international. Students will be encouraged to examine structural, ethical, legal and professional domains which shape organisational strategies.
  2. Learning Outcome 4. The significance of organisational learning as a quality assurance process to advance service value is examined.
  3. Learning Outcome 5. Students are encouraged to undertake an approach which relies upon self analysis and the analysis of organisational performance. Improvements can only be considered through self evaluation. 
  4. Learning Outcome 6. To master advancement in decisional concepts requires application; students will be supported to critique the challenges of change by deconstruction and reconstruction of alternative strategies for change and innovation.  
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