Define what the labor market is. And demonstrate s

Define what the labor market is. And demonstrate some understanding on how Algazar company is loose and tight in some aspects.

The primary theme of the paper is Define what the labor market is. And demonstrate some understanding on how Algazar company is loose and tight in some aspects. in which you are required to emphasize its aspects in detail. The cost of the paper starts from $79 and it has been purchased and rated 4.9 points on the scale of 5 points by the students. To gain deeper insights into the paper and achieve fresh information, kindly contact our support.


part B


Make sure u mention unions. Q6

Say in the middle east we don’t have unions but....( talk about what u expect to do when u have unions).


@ when u talk about stuff to ensure future skills, do environment scanning. Look at things like market trend analysis, learning needs analysis. How to maintain those skills. Which is in Q7 so this is about succession planning and offshoring

There is a slide in one of the presentation on contemporary succession planning (Sony`s presentation).   



Define what the labor market is. And demonstrate some understanding on how Algazar company is loose and tight in some aspects.



Here you need to discuss the associated cost when people leaving for instance hidden and known.


Q5-   How the position themselves - so here they talk about heg`s model. What to be like employer of choice or employer of values and so on. 



part C


Q1- this is quite similar to Q6 in assignment part B. you find a quite a lot of this in the workbook

The principles are analysis of business environment. Look at the business needs long, short and medium term. We need to involve stakeholders in this, communicate to staff, management. So, that is what workforce planning is.

  • use 3 examples of workforce planning tools. Like Delphi model, trend ratio analysis, management judgment and econometric.



Slides 29-30

Gives u the basis and u need to expand a little bit.



Slide 33

The first thing of developing a JD is doing job analysis and doing a competency framework.


Q4- what requirement we need to consider like nationalization, visas, discrimination.

U need something to reduce biases

Agility of using someone`s materials. Like when using psychometrics test u need to have license as legal


Q5 - assessment of different methods of recruitment and selection

What is recruitment and what is selection


Methods like newspaper and social media

We use 4-5 recruitment methods and 4-5 selection methods


Last question- 

Refer to ACAS website - u find it in the workbook

Talk about how you retire your people. And redundancy

Talk about the legal things like the age of retirement.




5UIN part B

Q1 – talk about the research stages of your assignment part A as you present it on employer branding or employee engagement or whatever. So, you explain how you did your research by explaining each stage of the four stages and what you did in each one.

Talking about the findings and your recommendations for the company where it should be.

Q2: Research methodology.

Primary and secondary. So, you say after we investigating ABC company we found that we could use primary methods like ….. and secondary methods like ……. And mention the reasons of using these methods and also the reasons not using some of the methods.

Q3: findings – you expand on this as group 1 did in their presentation.

You focus on what you found out in the research.

Q4: like group of Sony  they did say that they need further research to address the problem. And talk about the reliability and the validity.

Last question:

Estimate cost. Like how much it will be to implement a training program. Justify the cost.

Say “we would recommend that we introduce a management program within the training budget.

Or we would do a psychometric testing to keep the cost low. And make sure it is a level 1 and in the pre-screening process.

You have to demonstrate that there is a cost in everything.




Q1: you need to do some research on this. And you need to address some of the following:

define what is meant by employee engagement. Find the definition through well respected resources like CIPD and mindtools and from your textbook. Choose 2 -3 definitions of employee engagement and critically analyses them. What is the common theme through all these definitions.


Q2: you need to go through the textbook and the workbook. Go through cognitive, emotional and physical engagement.

What are they, what are the definitions, what does that mean in practice.

Q3: explain what are these listed in the question. And then say these are similar to engagement. And these are contributing factors to engagement. So, these are part of employee engagement.

Analyze those things. And illustrate some examples on these.


Q4: use Wikipedia source.


Then you need to say how to transfer these knowledge and skills gained.


5ENG part B


1-      CIPD has 3 drivers and IAS has 7 drivers in the slides. You need to talk about these two and compare and contrast them.

2-      Benefits of higher level of productivity and higher level of morale and commitment. And Identify the stakeholders and they might be staff, customer and senior management.

3-      Use practical example to illustrate. What job design helps people with? Give example if you want to. How discretionary behavior impact? What is the importance of role autonomy. Organizational citizenship. You talk about all these things with some explanations with examples of each.


5ENG part C

1-      Look at these tools to evaluate employee engagement :Deming tool, survey monkey, Gallup, IES. Talk about them and then discuss them are they good, are they poor, what re the advantages and disadvantages.

2-      Explain EVP, why is it important to organization to communicate it, employer brand relation to EVP. How does EVP raise level of employee engagement.

3-      Use Life cycle of employee like: recruitment, selection, performance, development and exit interview.

Then how you will transfer the knowledge and skills gained.

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