Coursework Questions 1-4: Elements Of Social Behav

Coursework Questions 1-4: Elements Of Social Behavior

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Coursework Questions 1-4: Elements Of Social Behavior


Each question needs about 350-word answer as well as 2 sources.




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1 Theories of personality are based on observations of how humans develop behavior patterns. Psychological testing assumes there are certain fixed aspects of human personality and those aspects can be identified through standardized measurements. As part of your application for a position, you may be administered one of these tests to determine if you are a good fit for the company. Take this assessment and comment on (1) its accuracy for you and (2) which of those traits may change over time.

In my case, an extroverted personality trait may be a good and accurate fit for me. This is apparent in the fact that I am fond of making interactions with others. As an individual with a high extraversion in my career, I have a developed tendency of stimulating others and seeking out the company, with most of my focus directed towards engaging with the external world. As an extrovert, I mainly flourish of excitements, enthusiasm, and action orientations, an approach that makes me at the center of all attention within organizations work in a group (Buyukgoze-Kavas, 2016). I additionally find fulfillment in group activities and projects, with this enabling me to take my thoughts through in connecting with other personalities within the work environment. In this accord, the traits that are likely to change over the duration of time in regards to my character includes being assertive an...

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