Consideration in Automated Recruitment: A Case stu

Consideration in Automated Recruitment: A Case study of an Educational Publisher

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Consideration in Automated Recruitment: A Case study of an Educational Publisher


Native English speaker/writer only. Plagiarism software will be used. Need 2 pages (this is my portion of group project). I have a source, annotated bibliography, outline and text must also be utilized when explaining concepts. "Credit will only be earned for concepts supported by text page numbers by integrating relevant course content". Brief description of major issues identified in case. *Identify items needing attention or things that an organization can do to improve. Text: Mathis, R.L., Jackson, J.H. (2011) Human Resource Management. 13th Edition *explore applications through the use of current technology that may enhance the impact of this topic in the workplace. *What are the legal concerns for employers (if any), what laws specifically apply to the issue? Brief description of possible solutions to each situation needing attention or improvement based on concepts in the course and outside research.

Consideration in Automated Recruitment: A Case study of an Educational PublisherStudent:Professor:Course title:Date: Use of Data Mining and Social MediaPre-screening of job applicants through automated means can be accomplished at a lower cost, allowing recruiters and human resources managers to interview only the best-qualified applicants. Use of data mining and social media can result in successful pre-screening of job applicants. For instance, the use of automated recruitment method for Educational Publishers resulted into a substantial cost savings for the company’s human resource operations. These savings majorly emanated from the reduced turnover and staffing costs as well as the general cost of operations. Because of using automated systems in its recruitments, the education publisher realized a significant improvement and efficiency in its hiring processes. Further, this system also enabled the publisher to realize an increased yield of required or high quality applicants (Buckely et al, 2004, 239, Heading, Discussion). According to Faliagka et al (2012), social media could be a minefield in selection of job applicants. In essence, social media has altered the manner in which organizations recruit, source and select employees (551, Introduction). Data mining on the other hand, is a computer science field that deals with artificial intelligence, epidemiology, algorithm development, data base management and processing of data in identifying patterns in large sets of data. In particular, mining of data from internet sources may be helpful in discovering new information about potential employees and their qualifications (555, Pers...
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