Computer Science - Coursework

Computer Science - Coursework

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  • Each open plan room is equipped with 12 desktop PCs and each of the rooms belongs to a different department.
  • In the comms room there is no need for a hardware firewall to be connected before the border router
  • PCEF wants their Web, DNS and DHCP server in the comms room. They expect most of the networking infrastructure to be stored there but if necessary a small 5U rack can be installed in any room
  • The LAN has to be 100% redundant in the case of a single point failure.
  • The network diameter is not a concern
  • PCEF requires the full 3 layers of the hierarchical Cisco model
  • At this stage of the project since you are submitting a bid so there is no need for any configuration of the devices
  • Cost is not a factor. That doesn’t mean using a carrier class router when you only need an enterprise class one.
  • You have to consider scalability for the future
  • There is an external 1000baseLX GE leased line with an SFP connector coming from an external router to the comms room that will be the endpoint of your network
  • There is an internal 10GbaseLR 10GE (SFP+) connection that will need to be connected to a supercomputing facility at 5 miles (8 km) distance in the future. This connection will provide data from the particle collider for processing. This connection comes to the comms room from another building.
  • You don’t have to describe the software needed. For example, Server OS or VM technologies.


What is required from you:

  • You will need to prepare at least one network diagram illustrating your solution. You don’t have to use the floorplan as a template although you have to demonstrate connectivity between different rooms in your design. Ideally you can use Microsoft’s Visio. You have to search, evaluate and select real network hardware
  • Your solution has to present all network devices, hardware and cabling needed
  • You have to use legends as part of your design with full description of your cabling and network devices
  • You have to consider and provide a WDM solution for the company’s particle collider connection.
  • You have to provide a written report along with your drawing(s) on how your design fulfils PCEF’s specifications and also justify your selection of the network hardware
  • The written part of your report ideally should be between 1000 words.
  • There is a number of ways that you can prepare a network diagram and advice will be provided. The goal is to be able to efficiently communicate your design in a professional manner.
  • You need to use appropriate referencing (Harvard) for the devices you propose.


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