Composition and structure of the material

Composition and structure of the material

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Concrete-polymer composites (Materials)


the subject is Materials. This is a group assignment report. We want as pictures in it and a references as well. In addition i gonna attach the paper which is explaining more and you can understand about it




Written Assignment on Materials


For this assignment you are required to write a report of the properties and applications of an advanced engineering material. You must choose ONE topic from the list given below. The report should cover the following aspects of the material as appropriate for the chosen material and its applications selected for the report:

  • Composition and structure of the material
  • Special features
  • Properties – tables and graphs are useful for this
  • Processing (if relevant)
  • Application(s) and service behaviour which illustrate the particular properties of the material.

Group assignment

You are to work in groups of FOUR ideally for this report and to submit ONE report from the group. You will not be allocated to groups. You should form a group from your classmates eg from the same tutorial class or laboratory group. Please advise me by end of Week 11 of the members of your group


Length:  1,000 words

Value:  10 % of overall marks for this course


  • Assignment submission sheet
  • Title Page (also include the name and QIBT ID of all members of the group)
  • Introduction
  • Main Body (This will depend on the topic selected but could include: Description of the material, its composition, properties, structure, production/processing, application(s), service behaviour, recycling or reuse, costs. You will need to select headings that are appropriate for your report.)
  • Summary or Conclusions (as appropriate)
  • References
  • Appendices (if needed)

A note on referencing and sources

The report must be correctly and accurately referenced. Use the author-date system for referencing and ensure you apply it correctly to the in-text citations as well as to the list of references compiled under “References”.

I expect to see at least 5 different sources for any topic. Do not rely entirely on one source to write your report. There are many good sources of information on these topics on the educational, scientific and government web sites and in the recent editions of textbooks on materials science and materials engineering. You may also find good introductory material in the physics and chemistry textbooks available in the library.


A good starting place is your textbook, Callister, WD. 2007, Materials Science and Engineering: An Introduction 7e + Wileyplus, 7th Edition, Wiley. (also see the additional chapters 19-23 available from the Wiley website for Callister). Refer to the sections in the textbook under “Materials of Importance” as some of these discuss materials in the list of topics below. Then use the electronic databases through the Griffith library resources. There are many engineering journals that deal with materials engineering and materials science and these can be located through Science Direct, for example.

Be careful using information from the Internet. Google Scholar can be used to locate good quality educational and scientific articles on most of these topics. However, a general web search from Google or other search engines will locate many references, some of doubtful quality. Do not use sources intended for school children. Be careful with promotional information from a manufacturer’s or supplier’s website. Your report is to be of a professional standard based on engineering and scientific papers, and reports from quality journals and professional societies.

Do not copy text directly from your sources. You must write the report in your own words, although up to 5 % of the text can be from your sources and indicated by correct use of quotes as specified in the author-date system of referencing,

You may copy and use diagrams, illustrations and graphs from your sources. However ensure that you do reference the source accurately.


Content:  45% (relevant, up-to-date, correct)

Research effort: 10 % (adequate coverage of topic, sufficient number of quality references)

Writing:    20% (style, spelling, grammar, sentences and paragraphs)

Presentation: 10 % (layout, illustrations, format)

Referencing: 15 % (correctly cited, listed in correct format)



Select ONE of the following topics for your report:

CONCRETE POLYMER COMPOSITES (MATERIALS)NameCourseInstitutionDateConcrete-Polymer Composites (Materials)Composition and structureConcrete-Polymer Composites (C-PCs) are a good exemplification of the new concept and trend of integrating several separate ideas in engineering and material science, both modern and traditional ones, into some new revolutionary concepts which are effectively providing a promising view into this century. Concrete-Polymer Composites came into being as a result of executing the modern polymers into the traditional concrete technology. The utilization of polymer concrete in construction is not exactly a new concept; there have been a modification of building materials since the III millennium B.C. Concrete remains the most commonly used material; it is also the oldest man-made building material. In that regard, the concrete can be said to be a civilization necessity. Concrete has undergone various modifications for the last 50 years with polymers on the background of engineering. This therefore creates new opportunities and equally new challenges to solve. The infusion of polymers to concrete is to make the concrete better. The general concept of polymer concrete composites involves a process where chemicals oligomers, monogomers, prepolymers, and polymers are infused into the concrete mix and where chemical activity is involved, they are subjected to polycondensation and polymerization by thermalcatalytic and other systems (Creek, 2011). Concrete-polymer composites are concrete like polymers that could contain Portland cement.Special FeatureComposite materials combine two distinct phrases to produce a material that has properties that are far superior to any base materials. Composite materials like it has been noted has been used in construction for the last five millenniums. Polymer composites are multi-phase materials that are produced from the combination of polymer resins like vinylester, polyester, and epoxy with reinforcing fibers and fillers to produce a bulk material that has got properties that are better than those of the individual base materials. The fillers are used to produce bulk to the ma...
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