Comparative Essay: Artworks and Culture Globalizat

Comparative Essay: Artworks and Culture Globalization

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Comparative Essay: Artworks and Culture Globalization


Based on your understanding of the artistic developments in Europe, Africa and The Americas from the Renaissance until the 19th Century, the objective of this assignment is to develop analytical skills by comparing two artworks belonging to two different historical and iconographic traditions. Please notice that this comparison must use the topic of cultural globalization as the frame of reference.
The assignment submission must include a 3-page essay contrasting and comparing the formal, symbolic, and expressive qualities/characteristics of each artwork as well as an analysis on how each artwork/artist responded to globalizing forces whiting their specific socio-historic contexts.
Writing and formatting must adhere to the MLA academic standards including citations. Pages should have 1” margins all around, use Times New Roman size 12 font and double space.
Paper`s submission must be 5 pages; this includes the bibliography (1 page) and an appendix of images (1 page). A label including the following info and order must accompany every image included in the Appendix
A minimum of 3 non-digital/online references must be used throughout the paper.


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Comparative Essay: Artworks and Culture Globalization
Cultural globalization emphasizes on the promotion of social relation among the diversified cultural identities in the world. Since the inception of art in the past, most artists have struggled to express their culture in their work. They incorporate this with the various activities that make remarkable marks in the future of the human race. From baroque to rococo art, a symbol of religion and beauty was used for interior dйcor. Artists reincarnate their energies towards a more global and unifying approach of art to not only impact, but also express their emotion and affection for different aspects.
During the Renaissance period, a lot of technical adjustments and changes were incorporated in the painting and in the process of developing sculptures. The pioneers of the Renaissance period and revolution in art

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