Climate Change and Sustainable Business Futures

Climate Change and Sustainable Business Futures

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Some Strategies and Policies for Qantas

  • Short term & Long term  strategies influenced by climate change
  • adoption of fuel efficiency and emission reduction
  • adoption of innovative fuel and carbon management solutions
  • embedding environmental values to increase marketability
  • influencing global regulators to achieve sustainable lowest cost carbon compliance
  • Governances and Risk Management Processes adopted by Qantas to align policies with climate change strategy.
    • Ownership of direct policy activities by  Group Fuel and Environment department, who own climate change strategies that Qantas adopt .
    • Bi-monthly coordination meetings between the Group Fuel and Environment department and Government Affairs department to encourage high level alignment between the strategies and policies agreed to.
    • Weekly coordination Group Fuel and Environment meetings to ensure policy activities are aligned with actual carbon market observations and purchasing.
    • Group Fuel and Environment department’s ownership of the International Air Transport Association`s Environment Committee engagement and input into policy development to ensure policy positions and the Group`s climate change strategy are aligned.

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