causing long term suffering for her including brok

causing long term suffering for her including broken wrist and ankle and losing publishers for a book she was writing?

The primary theme of the paper is causing long term suffering for her including broken wrist and ankle and losing publishers for a book she was writing? in which you are required to emphasize its aspects in detail. The cost of the paper starts from $99 and it has been purchased and rated 4.9 points on the scale of 5 points by the students. To gain deeper insights into the paper and achieve fresh information, kindly contact our support.


i have the case study that needs to follow the filac instructions in a memorandum style. i can attach the case which deals with duty of care breech negligent and i need a demand letter for that as well. disregard the case studies for the law test at the end of the facts it should have been removed the case law is u.s. driven
MemorandumName:Course Title:Course Code:Course Instructor:Institution:Date:MEMORANDUMTO: Sheraton Best Western Hotels Wawanesa Insurance Brokers Barabco construction and developmentFROM: Student`s Name DATE: September 12, 2010RE: Mrs. Marge SimpsonISSUEIs it justifiable for Mrs. Simpson to file a lawsuit when she was injured falling down an open manhole at a construction site due to negligence of the workers of the site, causing long term suffering for her including broken wrist and ankle and losing publishers for a book she was writing?BRIEF ANSWERYes. The regulations to follow in a construction site are very clear and strict in both state and federal law and failing to do so is an act of crime; especially when it directly causes physical harm to an individual. This is considered as negligence which is a failure to exercise reasonable precautions under given circumstances. Although the term does not refer to intentional harm, it is legitimate to demand for compensation by the injured plaintiff if there is any harm to physical or mental well being as well as damaging property or financial status.FACTSOn September 12, 2010 Mrs. Simpson arrived in Bedrock International Airport from Springfield International Airport where she met Mr. Otto Man, the driver who worked for the Sheraton and was assigned to pickup Mrs. Simpson from the airport and brought her to the hotel. Conversation between Mrs. Simpson and Mr. Otto Man was minimal as the private window of the limousine was closed by Mr. Otto Man. Upon arrival at the Sheraton at 2:25 pm, Mr. Otto Man parked the limousine in front of the main door lobby of the hotel. At that time, a construction was taking place at that location for internet cables which was unnoticeable to Mrs. Simpson as the private window was closed. The workers of the construction site were employed by Barabco Construction and Development and they were at lunch when the limousine reached the site, carrying Mrs. Simpson. The limousine was parked adjacent to an uncovered manhole, used as a gateway for underground wiring. Mrs. Simpson, unaware about the open manhole, stepped out and fell into the manhole. Mr. Otto Man rushed to her aid and called 911 asking for help. In his call, Mr. Otto Man said that he “did not know that the manhole was uncovered”.Mrs. Simpson was taken to Hyman Krustofski General Hospital where Dr. Helen Lovejoy, an orthopedic surgeon ordered for x-rays which later confirmed a broken wrist as well as a broken ankle. Mrs. Simpson had to wait for six weeks to fix her fractures and on November 04, 2010, she left for home where she had to use physiotherapy for next three months with each session for at least one hour and three times a week.Mrs. Simpson was writing a children book before the injury which was not possible to continue after the injury due to the broken wrist. With the therapy, she was fully recovered in a few weeks and was safe from any permanent damage. However, as she missed the deadline f...
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