case report study of a private bank

case report study of a private bank

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Topic: case report study of a private bank
A report of no more than 3,000 words (not including title page and references and appendix) on the recent performance of a private bank of your choice.

Your report should cover:

 the main features of the market at the bank of your choice
 the financial features of the private bank at the bank of your choice
 products & services on offer at the bank of your choice
 past and future strategy at the bank of your choice

You may need to include some background information (economic / political / historical), sufficient to enable the reader to fully understand the main body of the report, but try to make your report contemporary and forward looking. Assume that your CEO has asked you to present this report on a private bank and he/she needs contemporary information.

According to ADCB (2014), Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank (ABCD) is one of the largest publicly traded commercial banks in UAE and headquartered in Abu Dhabi. It is a merger of Emirates Commercial Bank and Khaleej Bank formed in 1985. ABCD has many branches across UAE, India, and Jersey Island. The bank also runs several Excellency centres and offsite ATM’s. Since it is a fully diversified commercial bank, it carries out commercial, retail, merchant and investment banking. Other services of ABCD include Islamic banking, consumer and corporate banking, structured finance, financial advisory services, derivatives, and foreign exchange. These services are delivered through both traditional and alternative service delivery channels. ABCD is partially an ownership of the government of UAE and partially by the public. ABCD has various subsidiaries such as Abu Dhabi commercial Islamic Finance PSC, which operates as an Islamic bank following its Islamic banking licensing (Jamal & Naser, 2002). The main objective of the Bank is to become customers’ number one choice bank of all time. Varlı (2014) argues that in UAE, ABCD bank has earned itself a good reputation based on its strong corporate identity, dramatic growth, accelerated migration to information technology and high product innovation. Currently, the bank has grown and diversified its operations through opening new branches and its product range. The banks have measured business targets that are measured at regular business reviews. The targets ensure that there is efficient resourcing stricter which are regulated by the Central Bank.

Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank (Vision Statement)

The Vision statement of the company focuses on the company being the number one bank of choice in the UAE. The supporting thread of values are to be constantly innovative, a financially successful organisation that has a high integrity, by garnering the respect of the customers, competitors and communities (ADCB, 2014)

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