Canadian Forestry and Conservation- Biofuels

Canadian Forestry and Conservation- Biofuels

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Canadian Forestry and Conservation- Biofuels


Instructions: The course is for Canadian Forestry and Conservation of forests . So they are very concerned with conserving the forests, preserving them because there are many factors that are there to deteriorate the forests.

Write 2 pages of annotated bibliography at least 2 minimum academic/peer reviewed articles( DO NOT use websites).I have attached the clear instructions and there is an example for annotated bibliography there. check out the pdf for clear instructions. 

The topic of interest which is due later the month is supposed to be one of these topics. So u can target your search by choosing any topics below.

Your assignment may address more “traditional” topics of interest such as: 

1. Aboriginal forestry issues

2. Forest certification

3. Forest wildlife conservation and management

4. Forest economics and trade

Your assignment may address more “contemporary” topics of interest such as: 1. Forest carbon sequestration

2. Biofuels

3. Biochar production and benefits

4. The Alberta oil sands

Make sure the sources are academic and peer reviewed. Do not use any websites as a source. Use academic Journals or Articles that are proper and scholarly acceptable. 

Later on this month i will order the topic of interest with the same writer. Please be prepared to know what you will be writing about since you might want to use the same sources that you have annotated. Don`t confuse the assignments. For now just write 2 pages on the sources. i will order the latter later. 

FORMAT: must be word-processed, 1.5-spaced, 12-point font size, unless otherwise noted. Assignments should be proofread prior to submission to insure they are free of grammatical and spelling errors (this will be graded). Assignments must include a list of all references cited in the text, using the APA citation style 


Annotated bibliography: Canadian Forestry and Conservation- Biofuels Name Institution Date Hakan, E& Greaker, M. (2012). Trade Policies for Biofuels. The journal of environmental development, 21(2), 281 – 306. This article presents optimal trade policies concerning biofuel considering the possible carbon leakage .The author, in this case, explains how the combination of import standards and border carbon adjustments have dominated biofuel trade. The author emphasizes that import rules need to be set in a way that the foreign biofuels industries a

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