Business Plan for a Mortgage Adivsor

Business Plan for a Mortgage Adivsor

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Business Plan for a Mortgage Adivsor


You need to create a business Plan for a Mortgage Adivsor by using the attached template

Job summary:

The Mortgage Advisor originates, builds and relationship manages a third-party network of referral sources to build a pipeline of mortgage business with a focus on external/new to banking customers. 

Actively search for cross-sell and up-sell opportunities for positioning to the branch

Originate and process residential real estate secured loan applications that align with the Bank’s risk appetite 

Proactively contact and engage with third party realtors, lawyers and other related referral sources to create strong relationships which lead to referrals of customers who require simple to complex real estate lending solutions.

Lead client/realtor discussions and sell real estate lending products and insurances. Collect terms and conditions and service when required.

Proactively contact realtors/referral sources identified through the creation of nation partnerships and/or create local partnerships.

Identify and make appropriate referrals that add value to the customer attempting to gain full share of wallet.

Establish and enhance the bank’s presence with the community (participation at trade shows, conferences and other related events.


Sales and Marketing Plan Considering each business targets listed, the specific sales, marketing and outreach activities that must be executed to achieve the monthly unit production goal are as depicted below; the frequency (daily, weekly, monthly etc.) for each activity has also been noted. 1. Target: Existing homeowners Activities:Frequency – daily/weekly/monthlyBuild better communication channels with the existing clients, for example contacting through technical platforms like the e-mails and your websites.1/monthIncent for referrals, for example, introducing a percentage commission for every successful referral1/weeklyEndow the client contact teams for better transactions and clientele serviceDailyLeverage on transaction processes, for example, use of online cash transactions and offer for security solutions especially privacy protectionweekly 2. Target: Realtors Activities: Frequency – daily/weekly/monthly

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