Attending a live performance

Attending a live performance

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Attending a live performance

The belly dance class I attended recently involved four performers and one instructor. The performers seemed to be well conversant with the dance as their movements were well choreographed. The movements of the dance were centralized on the hips while that of the limbs was limited. In the  live performance, The dance movements focused on the relaxed and normal separation of the torso muscles. The actual dance movements involved hip twisting, rocking the hips outward… The choreographer had more refined techniques and seemed to choreograph the dance for the purpose of art performance other than regular social dance. This was also identifiable through his choice of competent dance performers. The choreography of the dance seemed to borrow a lot fro…

Please ensure your paper demonstrates you Attending a live performance

ask yourself

what does it mean to be attending a live performance

Observing some events in real time in person has very different impact on human nature than watching recorded or broadcasted version. Liking and disliking varies from person to person, some people are delighted to attend events in live show and others prefer to watch them while sitting in their bed room. In my opinion live programs are more recreational, socializing and provides chance to meet favorite actors or heroes and even one can get autograph.

Firstly, while attending live events we can enjoy more because of charged audience and amusing environment. Audience clap, dance, shouts and narrates slogan to warm the pleasant environment. At the end of event we can meet the distinguished people and even can take their pictures with you.

Secondly, these recreational shows gather multidimensional joys and happiness with them. We schedule the programs with our family and friends and go to some place with food and cameras.  Live shows are source of socialization, we can meet our friend and even we can make new friends. Phenomenon of silent learning works, we learn few new things without effortful intention to learn that valuable quality. We may save our sweet memories with people around us by taking video shots.

On the other hand to join real time shows are expensive, we have to spend reasonable amount of money to join it. Moreover we have to manage time to execute our attendance.  While watching these programs when they are broadcasted it is inexpensive and one can manage his daily routine by working around.

In conclusion we should join live programs to make our self more happy and cheerful but not at the cost of duty and disturbance in daily routine. Before choosing the option of these programs one should consider that expense   of tickets should not disturb the monthly budget of family.

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