Are you interested in job satisfaction, gender ine

Are you interested in job satisfaction, gender inequality in the workplace, sexual harassment or occupational socialization

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5th Week Discussion: The American Sociological Review


So this will be a series of discussions and project essays. This portion is for the discussion, that later will be used for the 2nd Project that I have already submitted to you. If you have any question please let me know.
Project 2 asks you to conduct a systematic library research project on a topic which relates to the sociology of the workplace. You choose the topic you want to study. Are you interested in job satisfaction, gender inequality in the workplace, sexual harassment or occupational socialization? Perhaps you would like to research the household division of labor, the global assembly line or the glass ceiling? Consult the syllabus and course materials for additional ideas. You are to write a detailed annotated bibliography on this topic by consulting ten (10) scholarly sociology journals. All topics must be approved by Module 5: Submit topic to appropriate Discussion Board.
An annotated bibliography is an alphabetical (by author’s last name) list of references (on a specific topic) which is followed by an “annotation” or brief summary and review of each article. An annotation is typically 150-200 words in length and describes the content and focus of the article. It should outline the content relevant to your topic and indicate the quality and accuracy of the research reported. In essence, each entry should inform the reader about the topic of the article, its quality and its relevance to your topic. An annotation is NOT the abstract of an article. It is a brief summary and commentary of the information in the article. For more information on annotated bibliographies please check out the website:
The annotated bibliography should reference ten (10) recent (year 2000 and forward) sociology journals. You are welcome to consult additional sources beyond this article requirement.
Just a note regarding sociology journals…. Here is a list of peer reviewed sociology journals. This is not a complete list, you may have found articles in other sociology journals not on this list, and obviously your paper does not need cite articles from all of these journals. However, this list may be a good reference to have on hand. Remember, Project 2 should be a review of articles in the field of sociology - articles in newspapers such as the New York Times are not appropriate for this assignment. As always, please contact your professor by email if you have any questions as you work on Project 2.
American Journal of Economics and Sociology
American Journal of Sociology
American Sociological Review
Annual Review of Sociology
Berkeley Journal of Sociology
British Journal of Sociology
City and Community
Comparative Studies in Society and History
Computers and the Social Sciences
Contemporary Sociology
Critical Sociology
Current Sociology
European Journal of Sociology
Gender and Society
Human Organization
International Social Science Journal
Journal of Contemporary Ethnography
Journal of Health and Social Behavior
Journal of Marriage and Family
Journal of Social Issues
Population Bulletin
Qualitative Sociology
Race, Gender and Work
Rural Sociology
Social Forces
Social Problems
Social Psychology Quarterly
Social Research
Sociological Focus
Sociological Forum
Sociological Inquiry
Sociological Methodology
Social Methods and Research
Sociological Perspectives
Sociological Quarterly
Sociological Research
Sociological Theory
Sociology and Social Research
Sociology of Education
Sociology of Sport Journal
Symbolic Interaction
Urban Affairs Quarterly
Work and Occupations
During MODULE 5, please present your topic for the annotated bibliography in the appropriate discussion board. The professor will approve the topic or offer you suggestions for modifying or changing the topic. This discussion board will also allow you to interact with students and learn about the topics each of you are interested in studying. This discussion board will also allow the professor to make suggestions of appropriate articles, authors and/or journals that relate to your annotated bibliography topic.


Name Lecturer Annotated Bibliography Date American Sociological Review. The American job industry is always buzzing, with every day bringing its own changes and modifications. This is a brainchild of the American sociological association. It came into being for publishing some scholarly works on sociology, periodically. It particularly focuses on the latest developments in the field of sociology, any research work, findings, and interpretations. The Journal looks at the relevance of the work collected, and its quality too, before publishing it. Such information can help in understanding the increasingly dynamic workplace in the American system. To ensure that it plays a major role in helping interested parties to understand the fundamentally sociological processes, the journal welcomes works from virtually all the areas incorporated in sociology. It helps understand how to deal and survive in the American workplace too. It is this information that makes it more reliable and credible as well. Electronic Journal of Sociology. Trying to keep abreast with the dynamic world of information technology, this is an electronic journal that offers one the chance of the flexibility to access sociological resources from whichever location they might be. The journal is particularly important in the essence that it eliminates all the painstakingly slow process of accessing traditional manual journals. It also boasts of a vast number of sociological resources that...

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