3 Movie Reviews Ecological Worldview

3 Movie Reviews Ecological Worldview

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3 Movie Reviews Ecological Worldview


This movie review involves lots of research and readings. if you are capable of handling such amount then follow instructions below. DUE NOVEMBER 2ND. Hand in a Draft paper by NOVEMBER 1st. 

This is a movie review based on the course Ecological Worldviews. In brief I want you to watch 3 movies and write reviews that relate to course theme "ecological worldviews". If you cant find the movies online or don`t have access to them, the only thing u can do is just read reviews online about them. The concept is to use ONLY the articles i uploaded as source to cite and relate them to the movies. 

For this Movie review, You need to make one detailed reflection of the movies 1000 words maximum and other two summary reflections 250 words. So total of 1500 words.(instruction movie review.doc for more detail) 

I want you to relate the movies to the course material ( Ecological worldviews) so do not find any sources your self, I uploaded 8 sources for you that potentially for each movie there are 2 sources that are concretely related to read and write about them and relate it to the movie. 

For example if you are doing the movie AVATAR as your long detailed review of 1000 words, then you have 3 articles to read and cite it as sources to talk about relating the movie avatar: Grim, J. (2007).PDF , Little Bear L 2000 Jagged worldviews.PDF , Cajete G Mohawk – re-indigenization.PDF

The other 2 movies have to be short summary up to 250 words. Its required for you to read the articles that you could relate them to the movies. In the instructions movie review.doc i uploaded under each movie there are 3 articles drawn from course. use them as your sources to cite information. please make sure you cite it APA style.

So I have uploaded instruction movie review.doc that includes movie list, instructions for them and then the sources. Breakdown of how to format the summaries and what will be evaluated mostly.

I have also uploaded 8 articles PDFs that are related to each movie, so for the long summary u need to have 3 articles i uploaded, and for short summaries 2 articles. 

Lastly I will upload a former students sample paper to just give some guide, but the sample paper doesn`t include the review of "Inhabit permaculture" that sample paper is only for your idea to know how to format the paper. U CAN use the sample paper sources also , because all the bibliography material is for the course so if u want use the sample paper sources and important information to write this paper. 

Please show , academic style with no grammatical or spelling errors , logical thinking and critical thinking on them. For each point you make please have a support from the articles you read. avoid using words "this that " that what? this what? give the examples of them and be very clear about your thoughts.

When writing the review make sure you give a brief summary and critique of the author of the movie example "James Cameron" foreshadows lot of ideas about indigenous lands being taken away in the movie Avatar. his plots doesn`t address the issues with sustainability of ecosystem in such and such scenes. 

For the longer detailed part make sure you have paragraphs that are synthesized.

For shorter ones, make sure also they synthesized also.


Ecological Worldview Student: Institution: Avatar Basically the movie by the name Avatar revolves on a paralyzed marine in which a character by the name Jack is engaged on a mission in the moon after the demise of his brother who was a specialist in the field of science. The Pandora was considered to be a very valuable place since it was rich with stones which were regarded to be very precious. Na`vi was the land of the natives where the expensive stones were found. From the movie, it is clear that when Jack joined the Pandora clan, he became irresistible of the love of nature and therefore he was ready to do anything to safeguard nature. As a result, Jack comes together with the natives of the land and decides to protect the forest at all cost. Their action bars many individual who planned to mine from the forest and those with ill motives to steal their land. The movie emphasizes on the greed that manifests in the mind of people (Little Bear, 2000, pg. 81-83). Moreover, it brings out the concept of individualism in the society where peoples are self centered and put their interest before those of the community. In this case, the whole community tends to suffer because of single individuals. In relation to the ecological worldviews, humans are considered to value materialistic things more than anything else in the world. They are convinced that anything valuable like the mines is the best and hence they are ready to do

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