3) Make informed judgements regarding basic

3) Make informed judgements regarding basic design and manufacturing processes.

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 Department of Engineering and the Built Environment


This assignment covers the following learning outcomes:


1)        Appreciate machining, forming and joining processes and their safe use.

2)        Understand current process technology in relation to quality, economy, finish and form.

3)        Make informed judgements regarding basic design and manufacturing processes.

4)        Design, plan and make a product at economic level.




The assignment consists of two sections of equal weightings.  Section A (50%) deals with the practical manufacture of a product (Sterling Engine) using workshop facilities.  Students are encouraged to work in groups of two or three in this hands-on part of the assignment.  Section A is assessed based on the physical product made.  Section B (50%) consists of producing an individual report on the safe manufacture of the product, evaluation of the product design, suggestions on design improvements, generation of alternative manufacturing processes and recommendations for the manufacture of final products and parts. This final report should not exceed 2500 words.


Section A:  Manufacture of a Product


This section is intended to provide you with the opportunity to acquire the skills necessary for the manufacture and assembly of a simple product (Dolly Sterling engine) and to appreciate the safe practice of workshop.  The skills include basic work using hand tools, manual machines and CNC machines to manufacture parts, and determining of appropriate machine settings.


You are required to make the product as shown in the drawings given by the tutor.  The standard (bought out) parts and the parts to be made by you will be clearly described. The materials to be used and the main processing instructions will also be detailed in the brief.


On successful completion of this section, you should be able to interpret and utilise engineering drawings, use basic manufacturing techniques in a safe and appropriate manner, determine suitable settings for machine tools, assemble components into a complete product, inspect, test and evaluate your assembled product.


-          Manufacture of the principal components                                                                        35 marks

-          Assembly and testing of the product                                                                                 15 marks




Section B:  Design, Recommend for Manufacture and Report


This section is to be completed by individual students.  You are required:


a) to write a report that includes

-            a brief report on your safe use of workshop facilities and the manufacture of the assigned product;

-            evaluation of the design and make of the product and suggestions of improvements;

-            recommendation of the most appropriate materials and methods of manufacture for the mass production of your improved product.  Your recommendations should be supported by justification/reasoning.                                                     

            (20 marks)


b) to design a flat bottle opener and

-       make a fully dimensioned sketch of your flat opener;

-       suggest a suitable manufacturing process (and material) for the mass production of the bottle opener giving your reasons;

-       briefly describe the stages involved in the manufacturing process(s)

       (20 marks)


Overall report Structure and presentation                                                                 (10 marks)


Compile your work of section B as a final report (maximum 2500 words) that includes introduction, conclusion and references as 10% of the marks is allocated for the structure and presentation of the report.


Please submit a picture of your manufactured product with the report.  The physical product is to be handed in to the workshop.


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