1.1 identify and review alternative computer contr

1.1 identify and review alternative computer control strategies

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Learning outcomes

On successful completion of

this unit a learner will:

Assessment criteria for pass

The learner can:


LO1 Be able to select computer

control strategies for a

complex control system


1.1 identify and review alternative computer control


1.2 select and implement the appropriate strategy to meet a


1.3 demonstrate that the chosen strategy is easy to

maintain and flexible enough to accommodate change

as production needs change


LO2 Be able to select remote

smart sensors/devices to

meet given specification


2.1 select appropriate sensors/devices to meet a


2.2 describe the operation, characteristics and limitations of

the various sensors and devices

2.3 interface/configure two different sensors/devices to the

computer system


LO3 Be able to select and

develop programs and use

machine interfaces to

monitor plant operation


3.1 select/develop programs to solve real control problems,

these could be simulations on controlled rigs

3.2 appraise ergonomics of commercial plant displays and

process mimic devices

3.3 configure display devices to a given format for operators

and maintenance staff

3.4 acquire continuous data display for real time production

planning and control


LO4 Understand the different

types of data communication

systems used in control and



4.1 explain the different types of communication used in

control and instrumentation systems

4.2 explain the layering and structure of the ISO 7 layer


4.3 describe the use of LANs in a factory/plant environment

4.4 identify the requirements of fieldbus and explain its


4.5 describe the use of fieldbus in control network systems.

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