1.1 gather information and create lead-time profil

1.1 gather information and create lead-time profiles

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Learning outcomes

On successful completion of

this unit a learner will:

Assessment criteria for pass

The learner can:


LO1 Be able to apply the

principles of lead-time

analysis by creating a leadtime

profile, frequency

diagram and by using a

cause and effect diagram


1.1 gather information and create lead-time profiles

1.2 produce a frequency diagram listing the major

bottlenecks or constraints as identified by lead-time


1.3 use a cause and effect diagram to identify improvement

opportunities and determine waste


LO2 Be able to use techniques in

set-up reduction and

prepare an improved

standard operating



2.1 carry out a set-up reduction activity on a chosen

machine, or process using the appropriate techniques

2.2 produce standard operating procedures for a new setup


LO3 Understand the benefits of

total productive

maintenance (TPM)



3.1 evaluate a range of techniques used in TPM

3.2 identify the countermeasures for chronic and sporadic

loss and explain the scope of TPM


LO4 Understand optimised

production technology (OPT)


4.1 explain the importance of the principles of OPT to the

aims of OPT

4.2 use throughput accounting to measure the performance

of a factory or unit

4.3 make recommendations for improvements to meet the

aims of OPT.

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