1 Undertake responsibility for own personal and ca

1 Undertake responsibility for own personal and career development

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Summary of learning outcomes

To achieve this unit a learner must:

1 Undertake responsibility for own personal and career development
2 Evaluate progress and achievement of personal development and learning targets
3 Develop a range of interpersonal and transferable business skills
4 Demonstrate self-managed learning in a professional context.

1 Personal and career development

Self-appraisal: skills audit, evaluating self-management, leadership and interpersonal skills
Development plan: career and personal development, current performance, future needs,
aims, objectives, targets, review dates, achievement dates, learning programme/activities,
action plans
Portfolio building: developing and maintaining a personal portfolio
Constructing a CV: writing, maintaining and presenting

2 Evaluate progress

Evaluate progress: against original aims, objectives, targets, responding to feedback, resetting
aims, objectives and targets

3 Interpersonal and transferable business skills

Problem solving: problem analysis, brainstorming, mind mapping, generating solutions,
choosing a solution, creative thinking
Verbal communication: effective listening, respect of others’ opinions, interviewing
techniques, negotiation, persuasion, presentation skills, assertiveness
Time management: prioritising workloads, setting work objectives, using time effectively,
making and keeping appointments, working steadily rather then erratically, time for
learning, estimating task time (partitionable tasks, non-partitionable tasks)

4 Self-managed learning

Targets: aims and requirements, preferences, personal orientation achievement goals,
identification of what has to be learnt, dates for achievement
Learning styles: activist, pragmatist, theorist, reflector, Kolb’s learning cycle
Effective learning: skills of personal assessment, planning, organisation and evaluation
Online research methods: use of the internet, use of bulletin boards, newsgroups
Assessment of learning: improved ability range with personal learning, evidence of
improved levels of skill, learning achievements and disappointments.
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