1) Identify your argument and criteria for evaluat

1) Identify your argument and criteria for evaluation.

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TV Show Review of The Ellen DeGeneres Show


choose a television show to evaluate in terms of the messages it sends concerning genders, race, ethnicity , age, ability, class, etc..
Be Sure to: 
1) Identify your argument and criteria for evaluation.
2) Provide a brief summary of the characters, setting, themes.
3)quote and paraphrase material from an episode the show.
4) quote and paraphrase material from at least 3 secondary sources.
5) address possible counterarguments.


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TV Show Review of The Ellen DeGeneres Show

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February 20, 2017

The Ellen DeGeneres show

Being one of the most viewed Daytime shows in the American media today, The Ellen DeGeneres Show reaches an average number of 3 million viewers per episode CITATION Thend l 1033 (BuddyTV.com). It is no doubt that almost any American out there (and even those who are not) have heard or watch her show. All over the years, the show itself have garnered the 2007 Daytime Emmy CITATION Thend l 1033 (BuddyTV.com), plus a number of other awards for its crews, such as the Television Producer of the Year Award in Variety Television (Ellen DeGeneres, Mary Connelly, Ed Glavin, Andy Lassner, and Karen Kilgariff) among others. Today, the show is regularly taped and aired from NBC Studios in Burbank, California. The set features the usual living room setting, with sofas, tables, coffee tables, and an ambient surrounding that has always sparked a welcoming feeling among its viewers. However, what makes the show outstanding is due to Ellen`s ability to bring together the celebrities, personal stories, and a variety of other acts and bind them together into a show that is packed with humor. Right now, the show is already in its 14th season, having 100+ total episodes aired.

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