1. Identification of the harms or risks of harm be

1. Identification of the harms or risks of harm being experienced; discuss the indicators of harm that support your analysis; provide a clear statement of your concerns for the client/s, supported by evidence (20 marks)

The primary theme of the paper is 1. Identification of the harms or risks of harm being experienced; discuss the indicators of harm that support your analysis; provide a clear statement of your concerns for the client/s, supported by evidence (20 marks) in which you are required to emphasize its aspects in detail. The cost of the paper starts from $69 and it has been purchased and rated 4.9 points on the scale of 5 points by the students. To gain deeper insights into the paper and achieve fresh information, kindly contact our support.

Title: Assessment and Intervention Report

Task Description:

Students are required to prepare an Assessment and Intervention Report on one of the case scenarios provided below, which includes the following:

1. Identification of the harms or risks of harm being experienced; discuss the indicators of harm that support your analysis; provide a clear statement of your concerns for the client/s, supported by evidence (20 marks)

2. Link the above with discussion and analysis of relevant evidence, theory, research and literature. Your report must cover the relevant knowledge needed to understand and work with this situation (20 marks)

3. Provide a succinct safety assessment of the situation, which is then used to develop an intervention plan. This intervention must identify some key outcomes for the client family. Importantly, you need to consider interventions that have empirical support (i.e. research that demonstrates positive and helpful outcomes for clients). This means your proposed interventions should be clearly linked to your assessment and the needs of the client and the family. Include how you plan to monitor and assess outcomes of your intervention plan (20 marks)

4. Scholarship: use of relevant literature; structure, clear and logical argument; correct referencing and techniques (10 marks)

NOTE: All scenarios are fictional. Any similarity to any person, living or deceased, is coincidental.

  • Elder abuse scenario; OR
  • Domestic violence scenario; OR
  • Child protection scenario

Elder Abuse Scenario

In the last month, 78 year old widow, Joycie Collins, has moved in with her 47 year old daughter, Meg Brown and her 18 year old grandson, Alex Brown.  Joycie recently had a failed hip replacement operation and now suffers decreased mobility.  She also suffers from back pain and requires daily medication. Her daughter Meg recently lost her job and has been unsuccessful at obtaining another. Meg is depressed and frustrated and often argues with her mother, with whom she has a history of conflict (Joycie did not approve of Meg’s husband, who recently left Meg). Of late the arguments between Meg and Joycie have contained a more physical component i.e. Meg will push or shove her mother.  Because Joycie is rarely standing, these shoves have not resulted in serious injury. 

Joycie has recently noticed that her bank account has fewer funds than she expected, and that her pain medication is disappearing.  She fears Alex is taking her ATM card and withdrawing money for his own use, and may be taking her pain killers for his own recreational use. When she asks him about it he replies, “Don’t be so stupid, Nan, you must be losing your mind”.  Meg is very protective of Alex and refuses to believe he would steal from Joycie.

Joycie has always been a very clean and tidy person and has always bathed every night.  She needs assistance getting in and out of the bath but Meg will not help her every day.  She tells her mother she is not dirty and only needs to bathe every second day.  This creates considerable stress for Joycie.

Joycie has always been an active member of her church and has attended Mass each Sunday.  Now that she is living with Meg, she is a half hour drive from her usual congregation.  Meg has said she will take Joycie once per month, not once per week. Joycie is very upset about this arrangement.

Child Protection Scenario

Twenty-four year old Lizzie Smith is the mother of Jayden Smith, aged 4 years, Troy Smith, aged 2.5 years, and Shanaya Smith, aged 8 months.  All the children have different fathers.  All three relationships have ended due to domestic violence. Lizzie’s current partner, twenty-two year old Jason Maa, is currently in jail for drug related offences and breach of a DVO. It is expected he will be released in a few weeks.

Lizzie and the children currently reside in a Department of Housing townhouse. Neighbours are concerned about the number of loud parties at the residence, the unkempt state of the residence (the grass is not mowed, there is rubbish piled in the small yard and some broken windows), and noise from Lizzie’s constant yelling and swearing at the children.  Comments such as “ F.. off, I hate you”, “ I wish you’d never been born” , are heard on a daily basis. The children are heard to cry and scream in response, and Jayden is heard saying similar comments to Shanaya.

The children are reportedly often left outside unsupervised. They appear dirty, underweight and inappropriately dressed for the weather (it is mid-winter and the children have no shoes and short sleeves). They seem to be wary of their mother and are described as “out of control”.

Lizzie has apparently said she needs help.  She finds parenting on her own very difficult, but has left past relationships due to the risk of physical harm to the children. She herself was a child in-care and does not want her children brought up in foster care.

Domestic Violence Scenario

Thirty-two year old Jacinta Anderson has contacted DVConnect requesting advice.  She is worried about her thirty-six year old partner, Rajid Kumar, and his increasingly erratic behaviour. They have been together for 5 years.  Jacinta is not sure what to do. Jacinta is eight months pregnant.  When she announced her pregnancy,  Rajid asked if she was sure it was his baby, and accused her of sleeping around.  He now insists on knowing where she is and has activated a GPS locater device on her mobile phone.  Every night he insists on reading her text messages and emails (which are usually from her sister, Emily, aged 28 years, or her parents, Bob and Margaret Anderson aged in their late 50s). 

On Saturday Rajid would not allow Jacinta to go out and get the groceries and would not allow her to take a phone call from her mother.  He said it was better she rest, given the advanced state of her pregnancy. He has taken her bank key card from her, arguing he will now do all the banking. On Sunday night Jacinta cooked dinner, but had then found she had no rice to serve.  Rajid was angry and hit Jacinta in the face.  She says he has never hit her before, but “ he has only ever yelled at me, or punched the walls”. She has sustained a bruise to her cheek.

Rajid quickly apologised and says that he is under pressure at work. He fears losing his IT bank job due to downsizing and outsourcing overseas. According to family history, Rajid`s father Virat, was a violent husband and father, regularly punching both Rajid and his mother, and Rajid has said he does not want to be like him. Rajid has no contact with his father because of his past abuse, and no contact with his mother, who he describes in a derogative, dismissive way.

Rajid has been drinking heavily most nights and had "drunk a lot" on Sunday night.  Jacinta has just taken paid parental leave from her job as a pastry chef. 

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