1. Discuss the Congress of Vienna, including the m

1. Discuss the Congress of Vienna, including the major results, and it’s significance.

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Modern World History: The Congress of Vienna, Communal Society


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Modern World History exam 2
100 points
Exam due by 5pm on Tuesday, September 20, 2016
Choose 10 out of 15 and answer each question fully. All answers must be in full sentences and at least one paragraph long. All answers must be derived from assigned class materials (textbook, questions, and the Internet Modern History Sourcebook http://www.fordham.edu/halsall/mod/modsbook.html).
1. Discuss the Congress of Vienna, including the major results, and it’s significance.
2. Name and explain Marx’ Five Stages of History.
3. Describe two imperial colonies in Africa and two in Asia.
4. Discuss the Alliance System, including how it directly led to World War I.
5. Name and explain five of Woodrow Wilson’s Fourteen Points.
6. Discuss the events of the February and October Revolutions of 1917, including their outcomes.
7. Trace the rise of either Adolf Hitler or Joseph Stalin to power, including the leadership roles they each occupied in their respective countries.
8. Explain Japanese imperialism in the 1930s, including any repercussions from their actions.
9. Discuss at least three ways that World War II was an example of total war.
10. Describe at least three things which would lead to the creation of an environment in which MAD is possible.
11. Compare and Contrast how communist governments came to power in China and Cuba.
12. Choose 3 countries (excluding the US and the USSR) and explain how the Cold War impacted them.
13. Explain how the Vietnam War finally ended.
14. Describe 2 wars from the Arab-Israeli Conflict.
15. Explain the events of the 1980s that led to the fall of the Soviet Union.


Name: Institution Professor: Course: Date Modern World History 1 The Congress of Vienna, its primary results and significance. The Congress of Vienna was an assembly reorganized in Europe in 1815-15 after the Napoleonic Wars. The treaty was initiated with the primary intention to establish the necessary balance of power in securing Europe and to encourage some of the conservative regimes that were bound to renounce their democratic ideals from the French Revolution (Carver, 2013). On the other hand, the treaty was initiated to contain France within its borders and to learn on some of the modalities of cooperating in a bid to achieve long-term peace. The results of this Congress saw the French regime return the territories that were gained by Napoleon between 1795-1810. On the other hand, the treaty saw Russia receive Sovereignty and extend its power over Finland and Poland. In addition to this, Prussia also lost its claims that were laid on Poland, an aspect that saw the state extend its territory to the West (Carver, 2013). It is important to note that Congress was established to ensure that there were no other dictatorships such as that of Napoleon is established in Europe and to ensure that peace is maintained in a bid to ensure coexistence between different nations. 2 Marx` Five Stages of History Marx`s ideologies about the society are considered as the theories of historical materialism. In this case, it is essential to detail that materialism remain...

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