Write a 2 year sports development plan to introduc

Write a 2 year sports development plan to introduce an initiative intended to keep people in sport, by building on existing provision within an area of Leeds

The primary theme of the paper is Write a 2 year sports development plan to introduce an initiative intended to keep people in sport, by building on existing provision within an area of Leeds in which you are required to emphasize its aspects in detail. The cost of the paper starts from $99 and it has been purchased and rated 4.9 points on the scale of 5 points by the students. To gain deeper insights into the paper and achieve fresh information, kindly contact our support.

Assessment 2:  WRITTEN REPORT             (50% of module)

Write a 2 year sports development plan to introduce an initiative intended to keep people in sport, by building on existing provision within an area of Leeds. The initiative should focus on a single sport and should be listed on the Sport England website’s list of NGB sports chosen for the initiative ‘Keeping the Nation Active’. It should be linked to a NGB Whole Sport Plan with the overarching aim to maintain and increase participation within the sport.

SHN6282 Community Sports Development

Assessment guidance - Report

 2 year sport development plan

20% Introduction

•             Rationale

•             Context

20% Aspirations for your chosen sport

•             Vision

•             Objectives

•             Outcomes

•             Resource requirements

•             When and where

40% Action plan for sport

•             Underpinned by research / theory

•             Financial plan

•             Marketing

•             Monitoring and evaluating

•             Sustainability

20% Writing style, presentation, evidencing and referencing

Submission date: 19th April 2017 – 12 noon via Moodle

Sports Development Plan for (Insert Sport) 2018 – 2020



I               Executive Summary

A Sports Development Plan is a way of showing three key things:

1.  where we are now

2.  where we want to be

3.  how we will get there

The Executive Summary should detail what your chosen sport is, your rationale for choosing that sport.  You should provide a brief overview of the key sections which will follow within the document.

Provide a glossary of terms/acronyms    Page

1. Introduction, Rationale  and Context

1.1          Strategic Context

How does the plan fit in with other key strategies

Key National policies and strategies relating to your chosen sport. Key National stakeholders to consider: Sport

England Strategy, National Governing Body Whole Sport Plan.

                What does the research suggest re: Leeds community participation? Consider what participation ‘looks’ like.

What do the barriers to participation look like compared with more widely within the UK? What does the data for the overall Leeds area show? – How has this information informed your decision to introduce your chosen sport in a particular area of Leeds?

Market segmentation – what does the national data show and how does Leeds fit into the national picture? Where are opportunities for maintaining and growing participation and how will your initiative in your chosen sport aim to do this?

Summary of the NGB Whole Sport Plan. W hat is the NGB’s sports ‘offer’? and how is this aligned with your initiative? What does the market segmentation/APS data tell you? How will you engage target groups within the sport?               

2. Aspirations for your chosen sport

2.2          Vision for your chosen sport at Leeds Trinity University


Blue sky thinking! What would you like to see in 2 years time?.  Page

2.3          Objectives

Making your objectives count: SMART Goals

To help you reach your goals use the acronym SMART:

Specific: It is no use having a target such as “keep the members”. That is not a specific enough target.

Measurable Achievable Realistic

Time bound: Having a goal set within a time scale helps to motivate and to complete in a certain period. Do you want your goal to stretch the first year or just the first three weeks?

How do they align with the Sport England KPIs?


2.4          Outcomes and making it happen – what would be realistic to achieve in 2 years

                When and where?

Produce a weekly timetable which details when and where the initiative will take place. What kind of sessions they would be.  (Consider: Morning, Day, Evening, Weekend, Social, Pay and Play, Coached, competitive?)

3. Action Plan for Sport – underpinned by evidence from research and practice

3.1          Evidence

How does sports development theory support your decisions? Page

3.2          Financial plan

What funding is needed to deliver your plan, where will it come from?  Provide an explanation of your budget


3.3          Marketing

How will you reach your target audience? eg. Social Media.  What does the theory suggest?        Page

4. Sustainability

4.1          Monitoring and Evaluation

In addition to KPI’s, what type of evaluation would you carry out? – quantitative /qualitative methods?                Page

4.2          Sustainability

How would you keep people in your sport after 2 years? Keeping growth once funds or support is withdrawn    Page

5. References   

6. Appendices

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