•Why is it important to ask the question?

•Why is it important to ask the question?

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Interview Questions To Ask The Agency Contact And Justification


Option #1: Instructional Interview Plan 
For this assignment, you will present a plan for conducting an informational interview with an agency.
1.Provide a brief description of an agency you could contact for your Portfolio Project Option #1.
2.Create a list of interview questions you wish to ask the agency contact.
3.Provide a sentence or two that justifies each question you plan to ask in your interview. Consider the following in that process:
•Why is it important to ask the question?
•What is it that you want to accomplish and learn by asking the question?
Remember that an informational interview is brief—15 to 20 minutes at most. Make sure that your questions are concise and get right to the goals of your project.
Your well-written plan should be two to three pages in length and formatted according to the CSU-Global Guide to Writing and APA Requirements.
*SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS* : please note that my final project topic is "Domestic Violence effects on children and intervention offered" . This paper will be about interview with the agency that deals with domestic violence. 


Instructional Interview Plan

Brief description of agency
The National Coalition against Domestic Violence (NCADV) is located in the main office is in Denver Colorado, and a Washington branch. The organization works together with other partners to stop violence including advocates, organizations, corporations and experts on the issue. Coalition building at different levels and supporting non-violent alternatives has been effective in representing the interests of those affected by domestic violence. Protection against domestic violence improves child safety and reduces harm (Carson et al., 2016). Additionally, there are awareness events and programs meant to organize and highlight the problem of domestic violence. This also gives

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