why Employees in catering intend to leave their jo

why Employees in catering intend to leave their jobs

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This is a proposal for my research, on why Employees on catering business intends to leave their jobs.
on the research methods I`ve used Questionnaire, pilot study with my works colleague, their ages vary between 26-50 male/female, mostly they are not happy with the work loads and salaries/ unsocial working hour/ concering about jobs prospect, and stuff shortages where they have to do twice as much works.
on my Recommendation , I suggest on motivating staff 
and fitful their ambitions , I came up with idea which is to create role as changeable supervisor role, mangers set a certain criteria for staff to hit, such as performance, attendance and so on. Also mangers will decide for how long can a person hold the role for, winners will get pay rise and train as formal supervisor, that will motivate stuff and company will have more capable and motive, pay rise can be paid as over time so company don`t lose 

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