Why did you select them? What makes them stand apa

Why did you select them? What makes them stand apart from all others?

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Operation Management


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Best-in-Class, Benchmarking & Innovation Exercise Best in Class and Benchmarking

1. Select S manufacturing companies producing products in the U.S. that can be considered "Best In Class* (these companies do not have to be in the same industry as yours.)

Why did you select them? What makes them stand apart from all others?

What attributes lead to your decision?

2. Select 5 attributes to use for benchmarking the "Best in Class" companies against all others (including your own.)

3. When developing your Operations plan, how can you incorporate the attributes and

benchmarking goals into your company? Be as specific as possible, you will be able to revise and refine these as the semester moves on.

Operation ManagementStudent:Professor:Course title:Operation ManagementBest in Class and Benchmarking Q1. In the United States, the five manufacturing companies that can be deemed Best in Class include: Apple, Toyota, Nike, Walmart and Tesla motors. There respective logos are as follows:    The aforesaid companies were selected because they aim and strive to be world leaders in their respective industries in areas like customer satisfaction, innovation, and product quality. Moreover, they are the forefront in innovations of operations. The attributes that lead to our decision include the quality of products manufactured, customer satisfaction, innovation, performance, employee job satisfaction, and technological advancement.Q2. The five attributes to use for benchmarking the Best in Class companies against all others include: (i) being highly organized; (ii) accountabil...
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