Why did you select the path of becoming a nurse?

Why did you select the path of becoming a nurse?

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Personal Statment (Scholarship Essay)


*** personal letter for Nightingale scholarship for Nursing program in chamberlain Nursing school. *** Why did you select the path of becoming a nurse? Describe your future career plans and goals. and how will this scholarship assist you in achieving those goals. Please rewrite personal letter by using the following information in about 500 words. I was born in semi- urban rural Ethiopia where more than 97% of the population live on agricultural activities. Lucky enough, my father was among very few business men known in that village. I was among those top ranking students in all my classes. Though I was top in my education, particularly in the fields of natural sciences, the choices of what to study at that level was largely influenced by the family. My father, who was regularly visiting the Commercial Bank of Ethiopia for his business, was incidentally looking at a girl working in the bank. He was so impressed with her way of dressing and her job in the bank. Despite the fact that I was doing very well in the field of sciences, he decided for me to go for accounting- to be a banker. That way, I studied accounting up to associate degree and MIS to BSC degree level and worked in the government office as an accountant for about six years back at home. Though, I went to that profession to fulfill the dream of my father, I remained with a fire in my heart to study health care field, specially nursing. As I came to USA, I think that latent burn was reactivated. I started thinking through new perspective and passion. Towards that, I took few months training and started a new career –working as a nurse aide. I started the job with full commitment and received encouraging comments from my clients and my employer immediately.” One of my clients with whom I started working for as a Nurse-aide used to say,”…thank you Radia for treating me in a unique way; you are very kind and helpful. I wish to see you becoming a professional nurse.” My employer gave me $ 1.00 raise per hour before I even finish my first year with them and many appreciations’. That took my passion to be a nurse further to a higher level. My new passion is to become a Registered Nurse, and later on a practicing physician. By becoming a Registered Nurse, I can do more for my society than I can do as an accountant or elsewhere. Not least, by changing my profession to healthcare, I can do more to keep my family healthy and wealthy. In this world nothing is more valuable than the life of human being. Helping some one’s life sustain is the most dearly job. To me, helping people in their difficulties regardless of whether the problem is slight or life treating is like helping myself when I badly need it. While I am working as a nurse aid, I have been supporting people in their health problem. I was so eager to help them with all what I can. But, owing to my limited skill in health profession area, the help I can offer them to ease their pain is limited. I always wish to give relief to people in their health related difficulties. I always feel pain when I couldn’t help them because of my limited skill. My internal forced me to work on my limitations. So, as first step, I decided to go to nursing school by scarifying everything to become a nurse. In addition to this, as I am a mother of three kids, I always want to help my kids when they are sick both as a mother as well as a professional nurse. I feel my motherhood itself alone is incomplete. To become a complete mother, I need to have a nursing skill. I believe nothing would be impossible. By becoming a Registered Nurse, I want to do more for my patient, their family and my valuable community including my family. this scholarship help me to succeed my dream. After all, nothing is as important as helping to sustain one’s life in this world and keeping. I am sure to succeed in my new career perspective. I hope that the Almighty and humanity will help to fulfill my dream. Thank you so much for your help to fulfill my dream.

Admission Services - Scholarship EssayNameCourseProfessorDateSince my childhood, I had a passion for serving other people within my surrounding. This passion for serving others was elevated when I joined elementary school. I was lucky to attend school in a remote village in my home country Ethiopia where 97 % of people were farmers. In the school, I was among the top performing students. In addition, human anatomy became one of my areas of interest, and I realized wanted to be a nurse.However, my career path was largely influenced by the poor conditions in my home country in Ethiopia. There were few health facilities and nurses to help the patients. Most patients died in their homes and the few who could access health facilities got poor services. One of the memorable moments is when I saw one of my neighbor die since she could not get a midwife to assist her during her delivery. Our family was also not spared since m...
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