Why did you choose this show and this episode?

Why did you choose this show and this episode?

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Culture Questions for Television Media Review Assignment


Culture Questions for Television

Adapted from “Reading Culture: Contexts for Critical Reading and Writing”

by Diana George & John Trimbur (8th Edition)

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Choose a TV show to analyze. Options are: The Newsroom, Modern Family, Big Bang Theory, Shameless, VEEP, The Simpsons, House of Cards. 

Name of show:________________________________ Episode (include date):_________________________________________

Why did you choose this show and this episode?__________________________________________________________________________________________



How are the surface areas of culture (dress, food, language, customs, body language) reflected in the TV show?

What do the characters think is important? What isn`t important? 

What values are expressed in the TV show? What isn`t valued?

Consider the emotions of the TV show. Is there any humor? Why is it considered funny? Would it be funny in other cultures? Is there any fear or suspense? Is it a universal fear or specific to a particular culture?

How do people in different groups interact with each other? Are there any hierarchies or conflict? Why?

Are people of different races and cultures depicted? If they are, does the episode stereotype them, or does it realistically portray the individuals.

Does the show aim to make any commentary on social or political issues?


Modern Family

Episode 06




Modern Family

Question 1

The modern family is a show that gives an overview of what happens at home and at school. I choose modern family show because it helps in educating people on the things to avoid and values to observe as a family. Episode six to be precise explains how kids from a wealthy family feels and act on certain issues especially at school. I choose the episode because it gives a clear picture of what happens in

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