Where will it be located and why? During what hour

Where will it be located and why? During what hours will customers be able to buy from you? Will an agent be used?

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Marketing SLP 3

The questions for the module 03 part of your SLP direct you to consider place or distribution of the good and/or service your organization (Walmart) markets and, hopefully, is using to gain a competitive advantage. Excluding your title page, and prior sections of the SLP, your SLP03 section of the marketing strategy should be approximately three pages long. SLP03 should begin with the sections you prepared for SLP01 and SLP02 (i.e. sections 1-11, revised as necessary) with those pages placed before you analyze the following sections: SLP for MOD03 12. How will your service be distributed (DISTRIBUTION, LOCATION & TIMING)? Some relevant issues to consider relate to both where and when your service will be available to customers. Where will it be located and why? During what hours will customers be able to buy from you? Will an agent be used? How will customers be able to order your service? Are there tangible elements associated with your service? If so how will they be distributed? 13. What are the VARIATIONS (in distribution) BY TARGET MARKET, if any? Use the customer segmentation analysis developed for MOD01 as a basis for a table to describe any variations in distribution. Make sure you use section headings for each of the Questions/Issues. At a minimum, use the CAPITALIZED BOLD words as main headings and non-capitalized bold words subheadings. Write in a succinct, organized, and professional way. DO NOT USE ESSAY FORMAT. REMINDER The MOD01 Background Info section contains "Notes for the SLP" which gives guidance for ALL the sections of the entire SLP. SLP EXPECTATIONS It is expected that you will explain the alternatives you considered and why you decided to make the recommendations you do. Also that you will use information from the background readings as well as any good quality sources you can find to deepen your understanding of the project and that you will cite all sources and provide a reference list at the end of the paper. The following will be assessed in particular: Your demonstrated understanding of the concepts and frameworks used to conduct analysis for the project. Generally formal definitions are not required as unders tanding can usually be demonstrated by the way you apply or interpret the concepts. Your ability to conduct marketing analysis appropriate to the project. The sections above require a combination of description, (e.g. what will be done) and analysis (explaining why it should be done that way). Graders will place more weight on analysis than description alone. The criteria used for assessment will be those explained on the MOD01 Home page, namely: Focus. Breadth. Depth. Critical thinking, including selection and application of relevant frameworks. Effective and appropriate communication skills.
Marketing SLP 3 Distribution, location and timing For many years, walmart has increasingly strived to ensure proper and timely distribution of its products and services in all its existing stores. This commitment has enabled it to remain as a leading service provider for many years (Saporito, B. 1994). Intensive distribution The company aims to provide saturation coverage in the market by applying all available outlets for consumers` convenience which is a paramount (Stalk, 1992). Selective distribution Walmart will employ limited number of outlets in a geographical coverage to sell its goods and services. Examples: Audio and video equipment, cameras, personal computers, and cosmetics. Exclusive distribution For instance, in Europe, European regulations allow companies to restrict distribution to retailers who measure up in terms of décor and staff training. Manufacturers are not permitted to refuse distribution rights on the grounds that the retailer will sell for less than the list price (Stalk, 1992). Location Wal-Mart has many distribution points which are positioned at different geographical sites in the US. There are Wal-Mart Distribution Centers situated at deferent harbors which serve as shipping reservoirs its products and services. Timing Wal-Mart stores are easily accessible within a day. Its products will be available 24 hours a day in all its stores. Through this, the company will have added value to breaking bulk, consolidation and distribution and carrying...
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