Where to be Living in 2050 or In Future

Where to be Living in 2050 or In Future

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1.  Complete readings assigned for this section. (more readings may appear in Powerpoint.)
2.  View Powerpoint.
3.  Submit posts detailed below on the Blog site by noted due dates:

Post #4a:  Where you will be living in 2050?
1.  Pick a place where you hope you will be living in 2050.This one takes some imagination.  If you had plenty of good luck, where you would like to be living 40 years from now, in 2050.  you will probably we winding down your career and looking for a place to live out your “golden years.”  This choice requires you to pick a specific place you wish to live , as well as a lifestyle.
Once a site is selected, look at it through the great software program, Google Earth (you can download this fromhttp://earth.google.com/download-earth.html).  In the program, you select a specific place and a “camera” will zoom down from outer space to the level of a low flying airplane.   If you have chosen to live in the space station orbiting the Earth, imagine doing a reverse Google Earth search for it.

  1. Then describe your living site from these three different levels:
    a. The Landscape Habitat  (amacrolevel view from above)
    b. The Neighborhood
    c.  The Living space (a detailed micro view)
    (all described in the week’s powerpoint)

In each area, discuss the following qualities of each level:
a. the visual
b. the human

Post #4a should be at least 500 words and at least two images

Where to live in 2050

New Zealand seems to be the most appealing place to be living on 2050. After spending around forty years being on a tight schedule in the workplace, and more than two decade of wasting my early life, I would need a place where I will quietly settle down to enjoy my golden years to raise my family with the values I have amassed over the years. I prefer New Zealand as it offers many spectacular sceneries amenities and the comfort of living. The environment is cool and serene while the security of the world is considered the best in the world. Where else would it be safe to be rather than be in a country such as New Zealand? The panoramic view of the country is appealing in all cities and towns, and while there may be changes to be experienced in forty years, much of the country will have that same revitalizing and quiet atmosphere.

Landscape Habitat

The landscape habitat of New Zealand is interesting, it mostly comprises mountainous ranges that offer good viewpoints for relaxation. There are splendid gardens created by various municipals all over the country. This makes New Zealand appear as a green and a conservative country that is far away from the normal ongoing country and transformations of the world. However, this does not bar transformations of the environment of the country since there are various companies that offer services towards making this endeavour possible. The feel of nature is so much visible in New Zealand as one watches the various natural geographical features of the country, they get the feeling they are relating with nature much of which falls under the interests of most old people. Other spectacular geographical wonders are visible in glaciers, vast plains forests, and plateaus. The falling of glacier provides good sites for feeling being in touch with nature at its worst or at its best.

The Human aspect of New Zealand’s Natural landscape as we may have outlined above comprises appreciation of the environment and making more complements that accentuate the environment as it appears. At any one time in the movies, or in any other capacities such news headlines, New Zealand features events, natural habitat and its appreciation to the environment which hopes to accentuate how the environment depicts itself and how the people in New Zealand appreciate how it appears. For example, there sandy beaches with a coastline of about fifteen thousand kilometres, these beaches offer a variety of sites for surfing, sunbathing and swimming, all of which are natural. On the other hand, there are other natural related events such as skiing. At my age then, it may not sound illogical, but since my children will be at their adolescent or just past adolescent, hopeful they will enjoy these activities. Simply put, New Zealand’s landscape is positioned well as an environment that is good for nurturing children to realize their full potential in sporting if they are talented and education wise as education is still at its best in New Zealand.


New Zealand appears as an island far away from many other countries. From the pictorials, most of its metropolitan area appears to be luxurious well created and nurtured. Some municipal sections appear to densely populated in comparison to others. In a place such as Christchurch where I hope to live, depending on the population, the number of people in most neighborhoods is high especially near to the town centers; however, in the Suburbs the population is low with housing units being separate rather than adjoined like the case of town centers.

It is clear that most people in New Zealand live mostly in the town centres. On the other hand, there is a bigger lot of other people who live in the outskirts of New Zealand who are farmers. In both cases, the arrangement of the housing units and accessibility to amenities clearly shows the living pattern as comfortable and luxurious. The nearness to neighbours clearly indicates good neighbourhood which is part of everyone’s concern of the places they hope to live. The housing units are also even and seem to embrace the same pattern, which limits an indication of one’s social class of an individual. The Pictorials shows most of the neighbours having their own gardens and lawns that are trimmed to fit in with the look of the neighbourhood.

Living Spaces

            Most of the residential housing units in New Zealand are built-in singly rather than being storied. This means that most people can afford to have their own housing units. Additionally, this gives room for children to play and to have a place they call their home. Most of the units follow almost similar shapes and sizes. This probably indicates how individuals are harmonious with one another. Zooming into New Zealand, a person is faced with many choices to pick, as all the places seem to be luxuriously filled with Social Amenities such as roads. The roads are well built for both the estates and other highways; they also connect well with neighbourhood, which makes it easy to avoid collision with the neighbours. The map notes most of the cars being park out on the streets that probably indicates the high-level level of security and safety of the country.

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