When would a nurse refuse patient care? Why?

When would a nurse refuse patient care? Why?

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Topic 1

Evidence based practice (EBP) is the clinical decision making process which is based upon the best available evidence, new research findings, clinical experience and patient preferences. Nurses are expected to implement research findings into their practice, but many are not trained on how to do this. Therefore, it should not be expected that nurses are at the forefront of EBP implementation in the clinical setting.


How does evidence based practice improve patient outcomes? How is evidence based practice applied theoretically and clinically?

Is it feasible to expect RNs to implement EBP in the clinical setting without training/support?

Topic 2

Reflective practice is more than just thinking about practice, it is an active process of reflecting, analysing and learning. Reflection is a necessary attribute for the development of autonomous practice. Reflective practice should be a continuous cycle in which experience and reflection on experiences are inter-related.


Clinically how is reflective practice applied? How does the patient benefit from reflective thinking of the nurse? What are the key components of reflective practice in nursing?

Topic 3

Nurses have a right to refuse to participate in procedures which they judge on strongly held religious, moral and ethical beliefs, to be unacceptable.

Fear, personal convenience or preference, are not sufficient basis for conscientious objection.


When would a nurse refuse patient care? Why?

How does this relate to the nurses’ ethical responsibilities?

Is this considered in the best interest of the patient? Why? How?

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