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Sociology 101: Prompt for the "What Would You Do A

Sociology 101: Prompt for the "What Would You Do Assignement?

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Malcolm X, Sociology imagination


Sociology 101: Prompt for the "What Would You Do Assignement?" What would you do? Imagine that you are having dinner at a restaurant of your choice. Your enjoying a nice evening with your friends when all of a sudden, a random friend of one of your friends joins the party. This new acquaintance appears to be friendly and very personable. An hour into your conversation, the waitress visits your table to inform you that her shift has ended and waiter “X” will take over. The minute after your waitress and waiter “X” leave your table, this new acquaintance goes on a very racist rant. He uses every possible racial slur that exists and finds it necessary to make jokes about waiter X’s ethnicity. He claims that every member of that ethnicity is lazy, on every type of social welfare program and is stupid. The other people at the table join in on the racial rant and share their own skewed and clearly racist experiences. They are laughing and are not ashamed to let their voices be heard. What do you do? Do you sit there quietly, do you agree and join in on the “fun” or do you take a stance and correct their stupidity? If you were to stand up for the waiter and apply some of the lessons that we have learned in class like for example it can be from a range topics covered in class such as sociology perspectives, culture, society, diversity, socialization, stratification, inequality, race, ethnicity, and gender. Basically what would you tell these “friends”? Make sure that your response is thorough and detailed. Good luck. Format Guidelines: 2 pages. 12 point Font Times New Roman 1 inch margins. If needed you can use my Sociology power-point class presentations and the class textbook to help you explain your thoughts although a Work`s Cited page is not required. Notes from Student to Writer: Here are some of my thoughts to help you out. First I wouldn`t sit there quietly. I wouldn`t not join in the fun as I would rather correct their behavior as I am a much more respectful person. Just in case you needed the Power-point presentations for this Sociology 101 class can be found on the professor`s website here: The Sociology 101 textbook for this class is called: "Sociology: Concepts and Applications in a Diverse World" by Thomas J. Sullivan, 8th edition. Chapters 1 through 8 are from pages 1 through 237. The ISBN is: 0-205-62806-0

Malcolm XYour nameCourse nameInstructor’s nameInstitutionCity and State of the institutionDate of submissionI would take a stance and correct their stupidity not in a hostile way but rather in a friendly way knowing back in my mind that not everyone understands sociology 100%.Generally we are all creative in a way because we are constantly changing the ideas which we hold about the world around us but this does not guarantee us to come up with possible solutions to problems and students who are well trained in sociology can know how to think critically about human social life. I would advise them that an individual is usually externally classified into the racial groups rather than that individual choosing where they belong as part of their identity and to survive in the perceived groups one must adapt to changes in the social and physical environment. Even though ethnicity is related to race, it generally refers to the social traits shared by human of a given population ...
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