What system factors influence organizational perfo

What system factors influence organizational performance?

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Portfolio Project

Clinical Quality

The CEO of a large hospital is considering that her hospital’s performance on the Hospital Quality Alliance (HQA) performance indicators is significantly below that of other hospitals in the state. Submit a paper that first explains the performance measures for any two clinical areas that are part of the HQA program (congestive heart failure, pneumonia, or acute myocardial infarction), then explore likely issues with poor performance, and offer no less than five tactics that can be employed to improve performance. In writing this paper, you should consider and address (as necessary) the following:

1. What system factors influence organizational performance?

2. How do accreditation standards or government regulations guide performance and process design?

3. What is the role of the quality or risk manager in addressing the identified issues?

4. What additional measures can be used to assess the performance of the organization?

5. What processes and techniques can be used to investigate, improve, and manage performance?

6. What impact could unresolved poor performance have on reimbursement, reputation and accreditation status?

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