what steps would you follow?

what steps would you follow?

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MGT 501 Module Five Week 1 and 2 Discussion EWD


To prepare for this module’s exercise, take a few minutes to consider the following: Imagine that you have been given the task of planting a rose garden. You do not know anything about rose gardens, and so think about how you would go about learning how to do it.  Specifically, what steps would you follow?  Jot down some notes so you will remember what steps you would take.

Now, fill out this inventory that will help you determine your learning style.

Next, to interpret the meaning of these scores, read this short explanation of Learning Styles. http://www.simplypsychology.org/learning-kolb.html  It is important to emphasize that this inventory is not a perfect measure of your learning style.  Your scores indicate which learning mode you use most of the time, and the strength of the style may vary from individual to individual or even for the same individual given the circumstance or situation. 

To participate in this week’s discussion, join the discussion group below that corresponds to your learning style.

In your discussion, share with the other members of your group what steps you identified that you would follow when learning to plant a rose garden. Do you see any similarities between the ways you and the others in your group would go about this task? Does the description of your learning type relate to the approach you would take in learning to plant a rose garden? What do you think is your greatest strength as a learner? What is your greatest weakness? Be sure to choose one volunteer to report the results of your group discussion in next week`s large group discussion.

Please use ONLY the forum for your learning type.

Note: You must participate in BOTH Week 1 and Week 2 Discussions to get credit for each module`s Discussion.

Assimilator Group

This forum is for the use of the Assimilator Group only.

Diverger Group

This forum is for the use of the Diverger Group only.

Converger Group

This forum is for the use of the Converger Group only.

Accommodator Group

This Forum is for the use of the Accommodator Group only.


MGT 501 Module Five week 1 and 2 discussion EWD Name Course Instructor Date Task 1 Steps identified that you would follow when learning to plant a rose garden. The first step is to look out for background information about rose gardens, since this makes it likely that the group will understand what they are doing. Relying on life experiences related to working in a garden will be vital to the success of the rose garden, since this would give clues on possible effect of rose types and spacing. Hence, discussing on possible ways through which to ensure that the rose garden performs well is essential. Since the group has had various experiences, I would then focus on choosing the best alternative given that it is possible to have more than one option.

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