What several factors must business professionals c

What several factors must business professionals consider when choosing what form of entity is best?

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Question 1 Section

(Maximum Limit:  1500 words total for all parts)


Your Response

1A (200 word limit) - What several factors must business professionals consider when choosing what form of entity is best?


1B - What are the advantages and disadvantages of each form?  



1C - Which one form would you choose and why (in terms of your specific constraints and objectives)?  Which form would be your “second-best” recommendation and why? You must address at least two specific individual constraints and objectives that apply to your real life and how they impact your business selection.



1D - What is your focus when you start a new business venture and why is it important to gain a basic understanding of the available choices of business forms at the outset? 



Question II Section

(Maximum Limit:  1000 words total for all parts)


Your Response

2A - (100 word limit) What are the duties and obligations of a corporate officer in general and did Martin Shkreli conform to those duties and obligations?


2B - For the directors of a company, what are their obligations? To whom are they loyal? Is a director an agent of any entity? Have the Directors of Valeant Pharmaceuticals carried out their obligations appropriately regarding forcing former CEO Michael Pearson to resign? Why or why not?  Under the business judgment rule are the Directors of Valeant immune from legal action? Why or why not?



2C - What you think of the leadership and management skills of George Scott, the founder and former president of Educational Housing Services’ board of directors? Did he serve the nonprofit well (as per best practices and business theory), or not?

Support your response with an explanation of the decision -making process that you would personally apply if you were an officer or board of director of a non-profit. How would your decision making process differ from that of a for profit officer and/ or director? Search the DMBA 610 Week 10 Required Reading source from the U.S. Small Business Administration (class provided link https://www.sba.gov/content/partnership), what content to you find related to Non-Profit Success?


2D - You start to wonder, is this emissions example a “right v. right” type of dilemma as described by Week 3 Required Reading and Multimedia Badaracco (2002)? Why or why not? Explain.



2E - You determine that you are proud to be earning your MBA! You want to be able to persuade the general public that businesses (and their leaders) are a positive socially responsible part of modern society. So, you assume the role of the head of Volkswagen. Analyze the emissions issues using Badaracco’s “right v. right” framework from his Defining Moments video (2002). Be sure to support your views with ethical theory and principles, and include all steps and tests in your response.



2F - Was the behavior of Turing Pharmaceuticals, Valeant Pharmaceuticals or Educational Housing Services (including that of their former CEOs and Directors) ethical? Analyze this question for one company using Bagley’s Ethical Leader’s Decision Tree (https://hbr.org/2003/02/the-ethical-leaders-decision-tree) (Bagley, 2003)


Question III Section

(Maximum Limit:  750 words total for all parts)


Your Response

3A - What is globalization? You worry about what you should do to protect yourself from risks in the event of a dispute in regards to the Cuban hyperloop business venture(s). What do you advise yourself in the context of globalization? (100 word limit)


3B - What are location advantages? You have been “visualizing success”, yet, you are uneasy about the political situation in Cuba (based on simply your “feelings” and no specific facts).  You are concerned that your hyperloop business assets could be the subject of expropriation or losses due to any future civil unrest.  What advice do you give yourself to address this possibility while maintaining any location advantages? (100 word limit)


3C - What is a multidomestic view? How does it relate to what specific types of provisions do you recommend should be written into the Cuban hyperloop business contracts to limit any legal disputes that might arise between your US based company and any local vendors, banks and clients in Cuba?  


3D - How would these provisions favor the interests of your company?


3E - If you include the provisions you recommend in part (C) in the contracts, does that mean your company will never have to go to court in another country or become familiar with any foreign laws in connection with the business deals in Cuba?


3F - What could happen if the provisions you specified in part (C) were not part of the contract?


3G - What do you do to protect your interests (to avoid the risk of paying upfront and then the office furnishings never being delivered to your Cuban office)? What about ensuring that the delivered items are properly installed in the Cuban location?


Question IV Section

(Maximum Limit:  500 words total for all parts)



4A)          Purpose, Goal, or End in View? 


4B)          Question at Issue or Problem to be Solved?



4C)          (Information) The Empirical Dimension of Reasoning?



4D)         The Conceptual Dimension of Reasoning?



4E)          Identify at least four reasoning fallacies in the email (including the CNBC content) by type and explain why they are reasoning fallacies in this context.



Required APA Formatted Reference List Section

(Does not count towards the word limits for the exam. Ensure that all references were cited in APA format within the exam itself.)

Your Reference List



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