What recent major events do you think El Al`s fina

What recent major events do you think El Al`s financial management team need to worry about the most?

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Global Financial Management & Summary


Case 5: International Financial Management International airlines always receive a large portion of their revenues from a variety of different currencies due to their international reach and global range of customers. Furthermore, their risk may depend on political/economic developments in other countries. Furthermore airlines need to purchase oil at world market prices, and oil is one of their largest single costs. El Al Airlines in particular is in a risky business in a risky part of the world. Read the following articles on El Al Airlines and do some of your own research on El Al: Steinblatt, R. (May 3, 2013) El Al makes $17.3m gain on currency hedges, Tribune Business News, Washington [Available on Proquest] Solomon, S. (2013) El Al Says Fimi to Invest as Much as $75 Million for Stake, Bloomberg News, http://www.businessweek.com/news/2013-04-14/el-al-says-fimi-to-invest-as-much-as-75-million-for-stake Case Assignment: After researching El Al Airlines and reviewing the background materials on international financial management, write a four to five page paper addressing the following questions: 1. What recent major events do you think El Al`s financial management team need to worry about the most? 2. What strategies can El Al employ to guard against their main international financial risks? 3. Would you personally invest in El Al Airlines? Explain your reasoning and use their international financial risks and their efforts to hedge against these risks as part of your answer. Assignment Expectations Answer the assignment questions directly Stay focused on the precise assignment questions, don`t go off on tangents or devote a lot of space to general background materials List supporting references and cite sources in proper format Use appropriate writing style in essay form (organization, grammar, & spelling- see Writing Guidelines).

Global Financial Management & SummaryName:Institution: The EL AL Israel Airlines Limited is a major airline in Israel, where it provides its customers with chartered and scheduled air travel. The company also runs cargo planes that transport goods to and from Israel. In the recent years, the company has diversified its services and has been providing services in the overhaul realm of maintenance, security, selling duty free products, producing and supplying foods in the flights and also leasing their planes to the organisations and individuals.One of the key aspects that have taken place in the last four years relates to the prices of the oil from Brent Crude. The bench marker in the oil industry has been hiking its prices steadily and this is a cause to worry about the airlines. Oil prices are one of the single most crucial costs in the airline business, given the huge amounts used on the planes as they fly across the international borders. As such, rising in price will signify that the airline will have to increase their prices or diversify in an effort to raise the profit margin. One of the measures that have been taken by the company in the recent past to try and reduce the costs of operations is by retrenching some of the staffs that are employed on a temporary basis. This is a clear indication that the oil prices are having fundamental impacts on the El AL airlines with reference to its ability to remain in business and profitable (Solomon, 2013). The other event that has been taking place in the airline business EL AL needs to worry about is the increased competition from other chartered and scheduled airlines. There has also been rising competition from the cargo planes from other airlines. Some of the competitors that have been giving EL AL a hard time are Israir and Arkia, while, in the cargo line of operations, CAL Cargo airlines has been putting EL AL on high alert. Considering the way the company is struggling with its finances, stiff competition is working against its efforts. In connection to the same, Israel has engaged in agreement talks with the European Union to have an open sky policy. This means that, the Eu...
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