What Makes a Good Assignment?

What Makes a Good Assignment?

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What Makes a Good Assignment?


While assignments will vary depending on the module for which they are prescribed, there are some general criteria, which identify a good piece of work.   A good assignment will:


  • Clearly analyse and define the problem/issue;
  • Indicate an understanding of the relevant theory and concepts underpinning the problem/issue;
  • Draw on the relevant literature, show a comprehensive knowledge of this literature and demonstrate an ability to critically evaluate this literature;
  • Be able to stand back from the problem/issue and consider it in an objective way;
  • Be well written and well presented with a logical flow of arguments and ideas.      
  • Be properly referenced - APA



In contrast, a poor assignment:



  • Does not draw on the relevant literature/theory/concepts;
  • Provides a description of the problem/issue rather than an analysis;
  • Lacks a theoretical framework;
  • Is subjective and fails to take a balanced perspective;
  • Is poorly presented with grammatical errors, spelling mistakes is either too long or too short;
  • Is poorly planned and consequently confused and difficult to follow;
  • Does not answer the question asked;
  • Fails to consider a variety of options (either theoretical and/or practical) and jumps to conclusions.




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